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10 Hair Colours That Look SO Stylish On Girls With Dusky Skin!

10 Hair Colours That Look SO Stylish On Girls With Dusky Skin!

Looking for the perfect hair colour that complements your skin tone, can be a task. And there are so many stereotypes related to which colours a dusky-skinned girl can pull off. But we are here to break those so-called rules and let you know that you can pull off shades such as blonde, blue, red and unconventional hues of brown. So, if you’re planning to colour your hair, have a look at these pretty hair colours for dusky skin!

1. Going chocolate

1 hair colours for dusky skin - priyanka chopra Image: Priyanka Chopra on Instagram Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s rich, dark and absolutely delicious! The lovely chocolate brown colour is also a perfect shade, if you’re planning to get your hair dyed. Chocolate is a universally flattering colour and we bet you will look absolutely gorgeous in this rich shade!

2. Mix and match

2 hair colours for dusky skin - vidyavox Image: VidyaVox on Instagram If one hair colour is not enough for you, go for two! Mix and match two colours that go well together (pink and dark blue for instance), and go crazy with it, girl! This combination looks so sexy and complements dusky skin SO well. This hair colour is going to look oh-so-amazing - you’ll definitely make heads turn everywhere you go!

3. Chic brown highlights

3 hair colours for dusky skin - deepika padukone Image: Shaleena Nathani on Instagram If you’re someone who is looking for a subtle change and doesn’t want to go all out, then go for highlights. Adding a light brown shade of highlights to your dark hair will not only make your tresses look different but will also add the illusion of some bounce!

4. Ombre like Beyonce

4 hair colours for dusky skin - beyonce Image: Shutterstock Ombre hair colouring was a huge trend last year. Well, we’re glad to announce that it’s a trend that is sticking around in 2017! Take inspiration from Beyonce and go ombre. Colour the middle of your hair blonde, without touching the top and bottom sections. You’re going to look stunning in this hair colour!

5. The sultry red

5 hair colours for dusky skin - bipahsha We love this one! It’s important for a girl with dusky skin to choose the right shade of red, to make sure it is visible on her dark hair. We’d recommend going for a dark shade of red as it will look vivid and complement your skin beautifully.

6. Blonde babe

6 hair colours for dusky skin - kat graham Image: Kat Graham on Instagram Looking to make heads turn with a fab and bold hair colour? Then blonde is your colour, girl! Take our word for it - you can definitely pull this sexy colour off. Go all out and channel the rocker chic in you with this fab shade!

7. Love me some blue

7 hair colours for dusky skin - kendall jenner Image: Kendall Jenner on Instagram Forget subtle highlights and go all out with this oh-so-sexy shade that will make you look absolutely gorgeous! Blue is a colour that totally complements the dusky skin tone. Take the bold step cause it’ll make you look like a diva!

8. Caramel love

8 hair colours for dusky skin - zendaya Image: Zendaya on Instagram Dye your hair in a lovely shade of caramel to look absolutely gorgeous. It’s a perfect alternative to other dark brown colours! You can even go for highlights, if you’re not ready to dye your hair with this colour entirely. Nevertheless, this toffee hue looks stunning on Indian skin tones!

9. Honey, honey!

9 hair colours for dusky skin - deepika padukone2 Image: Shaleena Nathani on Instagram Oh, don’t you love this soft and light shade? This honey hue will look so pretty on girls with dusky skin. It’s one of the alternatives to going completely bright and bold. Also, this buttery blonde hair colour is perfect for summers!

10. Pink, it was love at first sight!

10 hair colours for dusky skin - tyra banks Image: Tyra Banks on Instagram Add a touch of pink to your dark hair to up your style game, instantly! You could go for either a pink dip dye, wherein only your hair ends will be coloured, or you could even go for pink highlights!

Published on Mar 28, 2017
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