15 *Magical* Beauty Products Every 20-Something Girl Must Have!

15 *Magical* Beauty Products Every 20-Something Girl Must Have!
Ladies, there’s no denying that there are certain beauty products that work like magic on us. Be it glossy and healthy hair, or supple and gorgeous skin, we can totally have both with the help of some awesome beauty items that work wonders. For all the 20-something girls, here we have for you, 15 fabulous beauty products you absolutely must have on your dressing table.

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo Instant Hair Refresh Clean & Classic - Original

1 beauty products A dry shampoo is a blessing in disguise on days when you’re pressed for time and want your hair to look fresh and fabulous. One magical spray of this one by Batiste, zaps all the excess oil and gives a lovely makeover to the mane instantly. Price: Rs 649. Buy it here.

2. Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

2 beauty products When you want to give your hair some TLC, this should be your go-to product. It provides the hair with much-needed moisture, and is a great pick-me-up for damaged hair. It restores health, shine and elasticity in the tresses like no other. You’ve definitely got to have this one on your dressing table, ladies. Price: Rs 1,100. Buy it here.

3. Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiant Masque

3 beauty products Want an instant glow on your face? Then this product by Kiehl is just what you need. This mask instantly brightens dull, fatigued skin - all thanks to the cranberry extracts and multiple antioxidants present in it. You’ve got to try it to believe it.   Price: Rs 1,350. Buy it here.

4. Natural Bath & Body Whipped Cream - Vitamin E

4 beauty products The luscious, fluffy texture of this cream is easily absorbed into the skin. Loaded with Vitamin E and virgin coconut, argan, almond and avocado oils, this one’s got to find a place in your beauty kit. It also works very well for sensitive skin.
Price: Rs 275. Buy it here.

5. Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

5 beauty products Using a good facial cleanser that isn’t too harsh, goes a long way in maintaining your skin’s health. Therefore, when the question arises as to which face wash is the best for you, this one by Neutrogena is the answer. It cleanses the skin thoroughly without stripping it of its natural oils. Grab this one now! Price: Rs 110. Buy it here.

6. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil

6 beauty products Pamper your tresses with this ever-so-wonderful argan oil that is the perfect post-hair wash product. A few drops massaged into the length of your hair will make your mane look healthy and glossy. While it hydrates the hair well, it also fights frizz and makes the tresses manageable. Price: Rs 725. Buy it here.

7. Jovees Cucumber Skin Toner

7 beauty products Heard of the popular CTM (cleanse, tone, moisturize) routine? Most girls with fabulous skin swear by it! And as far as the toning part goes, pick this cucumber toner and you’re good to go. It removes excess oil, tightens pores and restores the skin’s natural pH. Price: Rs 145. Buy it here.

8. Biotique Bio Saffron Dew Youthful Nourishing Day Cream

8 beauty products If you’re in your 20s looking for the perfect daily face cream, look no further. The Biotique Saffron Dew Youthful Nourishing Cream contains saffron, almond and pistachio oils that have the best rejuvenating properties and give a hydration boost to the skin. We hope you’re getting this one!
Price: Rs 480. Buy it here.

9. Just Herbs Apricot Sparkle Invigorating Skin Radiance Scrub

9 beauty products This one’s a no brainer. A nourishing and cleansing apricot scrub that contains exfoliating particles that are non-abrasive, is a must-have in your beauty kit. It helps you get rid of dead skin cells and the goodness of apricot adds a healthy glow to your skin. Price: Rs 445. Buy it here.

10. The Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm - Strawberry

10 beauty products The rich red tint, ultra hydrating formula, glossy finish and yummy fruity flavour - what’s not to love? On days when you don’t want to put in too much effort, just apply this fabulous lip balm and step out looking and feeling amazing! Price: Rs 275. Buy it here.

11. Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Make-Up Remover

11 beauty products Having by your side a good makeup remover is a must, for we all know the perils of sleeping with makeup on, don’t we? If you want healthy, clear skin, this product is going to help you with that. Not only does it remove every trace of makeup efficiently, it also hydrates the skin and leaves it looking fresh and supple. No reason to say no to this now, is there? Price: Rs 200. Buy it here.

12. Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask  

12 beauty products Green tea extract is one ingredient you want to use on your face, girls. The antioxidant works wonders for your skin health as it controls acne. If you’re a girl in her 20s with oily skin, the clay formula in this mask absorbs all the excess oil resulting in clear, gorgeous looking skin.   
Price: Rs 475. Buy it here.

13. The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Clear Sunscreen Stick  

13 beauty products We cannot stress enough on the importance of using sunscreen on a daily basis. And if you’re still confused about which one to pick, here is the solution. This Face Shop product contains sunflower extracts and is waterproof, with SPF50. Order yourself one right away!   Price: Rs 1,032. Buy it here.

14. Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist - Pure Rosewater

14 beauty products For an instantly refreshed look, spritz on some of this rose water and say hello to healthy, happy skin. While this mist gives a boost of hydration to the skin, it also has a cooling effect on it. Keep this in your bag at all times.    Price: Rs 595. Buy it here.

15. Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Cooling Toner

15 beauty products Blackheads are a menace many of us in our 20s are dealing with. This blackhead eliminating toner is a product you definitely need to try. It is oil-free, has an instant cooling effect, tightens pores and soothes the skin. The cedarwood extract in it strengthens the skin, removes dead skin cells and controls excessive oil production. Price: Rs 399. Buy it here. So, which of these are you going to try out, ladies?
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