10 Beauty Habits That Are SO Not Worth Your Time!

10 Beauty Habits That Are SO Not Worth Your Time!
Us women love pampering our skin and hair. We’re always game for experimenting with new beauty products and trying out super cool beauty tricks. However, not every beauty habit deserves to be a part of your beauty routine. Cutting off from them will make your life simpler, trust us on that. Here are 10 beauty habits that are a waste of time.

1. Put That Toner Away

1 beauty habits that are a waste of time Toners are a thing of the past simply because back in time, when facial cleansers were available, they weren’t pH balanced and left back an acidic residue on the skin. Hence, toners were introduced. These were slightly expensive, were designed to cleanse skin, and balance your skin’s pH levels. Nowadays, you do get quality facial cleansers that are affordable and pH balanced. Why use a toner then?

2. No Love For The Nail Buffer

Nail buffers may look fancy, but excess buffing, in fact, causes your nails to crack and thin out. Besides, as compared to buffed nails, nail polish is easier to apply on regular nails. So, the next time you apply nail paint, skip the buffing, and limit it to just trimming and filing your nails.

3. Warm Showers Aren’t So Relaxing After All…

3 beauty habits that are a waste of time Warm showers sure feel relaxing, but the same can’t be said for your skin. You see ladies, when the heat from the shower comes in contact with your skin, it tends to soften the layer of oil on it. On top of which, if you use shower gels and soaps, you could strip off the skin’s oil barrier. When that happens, expect your skin to get dry, flaky and itchy. Lukewarm showers are a better bet. They aren’t too harsh on the skin and also improve blood circulation.

4. Stop Picking The Dirt From Under Your Nails

Please stop with picking the dirt from under your nails! It’s a time consuming process and if not done right, you could break a nail or irritate and infect the delicate skin underneath it. Instead, grab a nail scrubber and dip it into some shampoo water and get scrubbing! If that’s not your cup of tea, you can always claw into a bar of soap, and wash your nails soon after. We bet the dirt and grime in your nails will effortlessly dissolve along with the soap. Aren’t these two beauty hacks simply amazing?!

5. Leave Your Eyebrows ALONE!

5 beauty habits that are a waste of time Why pluck your eyebrows when you can leave it to the professionals at the salon? Plucking your eyebrows in a haste can damage your skin and ruin the shape. It’s also time consuming and you need to be really patient. We suggest you to let them grow naturally and only let your parlour lady take care of them.

6. Going Overboard With The Moisturizing

You may not realize this now, but when you turn older, you’ll regret going overboard with the moisturizing. You may experience premature aging, breakouts and dry skin. Hence, quit over-moisturizing. The key to having clean and healthy skin is to apply just enough of product to cover your delicate skin. At no point should you feel that your skin feels overburdened with product. This could later interfere with your skin’s natural oil production and make it’s texture dry and flaky.

7. Don’t Cut Your Cuticles, Please!

7 beauty habits that are a waste of time The cuticles on your nails are there for a reason. Cutting them incorrectly can damage the nail bed and allow bacteria to seep in. In order to prevent your nails from getting infected, leave your cuticles alone! To push them back, you can always use a wooden cuticle pusher to get the job done.

8. Avoid Exfoliating EVERYDAY

Exfoliating has it’s perks, but not when it’s done too frequently. Sure it gets rid of dead skin cells and improves the texture of your skin, but doing it more than twice a week is a big no! Over-exfoliating your skin can not only irritate it, but it also makes it blotchy and red. In the worst case scenario, you may even spot fine lines and wrinkles in the future! You don’t want to be in that condition too soon, do you?

9. Styling Your Hair Does More Harm Than Good

9 beauty habits that are a waste of time Are you the kind of girl who needs to style her hair every single day? Whether you use hair products, a hairstraigther or a curling iron, we urge you to stop all of that right away! This not only damages your strands, but also ruins their natural texture. Our advice, if your hair was styled the day before, don’t use any styling tool on it yet. You can either braid it up, tie a pony, make a messy bun or simply use dry shampoo! Given a chance, you should totally stick to your hair’s natural texture by not doing too much of heat and product-oriented styling.  

10. Not Washing Your Pillowcases

If you want to protect your skin from dirt, bacteria and oil, you better wash and change your pillowcases from time to time. We want you to know, that resting your face on a pillow for 8-10 hours is bound to make skin particles and oil naturally come off. Not washing your pillow covers can give you a nasty rash and breakouts! Hence it’s important to stay clean for happy skin. Internal Images: Shutterstock