13 Awkward Questions We Wish Our Parents Would NEVER Ask Us!

13 Awkward Questions We Wish Our Parents Would NEVER Ask Us!
No matter how cool or chilled out your parents may be, there’s a certain line you don’t want them to cross. Like all other good Indian children, you’d rather gloss over the awkward stuff than divulge any details. Here are some super awkward, cringe-worthy questions parents should NEVER ask us!

1. “Do you know about protection?”

Even though your rational mind tells you that this is the start of a super important discussion, you absolutely don’t want to have it with your parents! Though, might we add – we really do hope you know about protection.

2. “What does sexting mean?”

GOD, NOOOO! Dear parents, why can’t you Google for answers to things you don’t know like the rest of the world does?!
2 questions parents should never ask

3. “Why do you want to get a bikini wax?”

Mom, please just believe me when I say it’s for hygiene purposes only!!!

4. “Why do you need to go to a gynaecologist? Are you unwell?”

Sheesh! We can’t even find a way to squirm out of this one! 4 questions parents should never ask

5. “Do you need me to help you with lingerie shopping?”

That’s so sweet Mom, but... *Turns beetroot red*

6. “Have you ever gotten physical with anyone?”

Oh no, the dreaded direct question! JUST. CAN’T. DEAL! 6 questions parents should never ask

7. “Do you need us to give you a lecture on all-things-sex?”

No, dear parents, I’d rather jump off a cliff. So really, really please...could you just not?

8. “Have you thought about marriage?”

Although this one isn’t sexual in nature (not at first, at least), it’s still super awkward and we’d rather not broach the subject! 8 questions parents should never ask

9. “Have you ever lied to us?”

Lied? NEVER! Can't you see the halo on top of my head?!

10. “Are you having an affair with someone?”

Okay. Firstly, Ma, the world stopped using the word ‘affair’ about two decades ago and secondly, I’ll talk about it when I’m ready!
10 questions parents should never ask

11. “Have you ever smoked or had alcohol?”

Kaisi baatein kar rahe ho aap! *Pat comes the hungover reply*

12. “What is this 50 Shades of Grey?”                                         

Just some friend's book, you guys know how I’m not into reading anyway. 12 questions parents should never ask

13. “Where did all your money go?”

Uh. Um. Well… (Where is a distraction when you actually need one?!) GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr