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10 *Different* Things You Can Make From Your Mom’s Old Sarees!

Srishti Sabharwal

Fashion Writer

We girls are forever fascinated by our mom’s collection of sarees. Don’t we love all whacking items from their closet and eyeing their sarees? We’ve already called dibs on which one we want once they stop using it! With so many DIY inspirations to choose from, you might want to grab a few of her sarees and turn them into something fab. If you are still looking for some inspiration on the subject, we’re here to help. Here are 10 ways to reuse old sarees and turn them into something absolutely fantastic! Have fun reusing your mom’s old sarees!  

1. Dressy-Dress!

1 ways to reuse old sarees

Sarees are basically about 5-8 metres of fabric that you can use in any way you like. Which makes them ideal to be transformed into a dress of your choice. Depending on the fabric of the saree, you can either get an ethnic dress or a casual maxi dress made. Plain or lightly printed chiffon sarees are the perfect fabric for summery maxi dresses. Whereas a silk saree can be used to make an ethnic midi dress!

2. A Traditional Suit

Now that’s a no brainer. We’re pretty sure most of you must’ve seen your mother try this one. As soon as their saree gets a little too old or soiled, they go to the tailor and get it altered into a gorgeous suit! We’re sure you can’t go wrong with this one. After all, every desi girl needs at least one traditional suit in her closet, right?

3. Give Maxi Skirts A Try

3 ways to reuse old sarees

A long ethnic skirt makes every girl look her traditional best. If you don’t already have one, consider getting one made from an old saree. You can add a latkan to glamorize the skirt and make it party ready! You don’t necessarily have to go for something traditional - a plain georgette saree will make for a great summery maxi skirt.

4. Bag-it!  

An ethnic bag is a stylish accessory most girls would like to own at least one of. Since it's hard to find one that suits your liking, why not get one made? Use a part of the saree and convert it into a fabulous tote bag! All you need is a couple of reference images, a tailor you trust and you’re good to go, girl!  

5. Make A Tablecloth!

5 ways to reuse old sarees

You might not be comfortable with the idea of using your mom’s saree as a tablecloth. But we think it’s worth a shot! An old silk saree with a broad border will add a royal feel to the ambience of your dining room.

6. Use Patches!  

Sometimes we fall in love with the embellishments or specific threadwork on the saree. If you don’t want to use the entire saree to get something made, cut out the patches and use it to create a fabulous outfit! You can use the motifs as a panel and get it stitched on a lehenga or a suit. Trust us, you’ll love to wear something that is embellished with your mom’s old clothes!

7. Cushion Covers Are Worth A Shot!

7 ways to reuse old sarees

This might sound a little absurd to you, but making cushion covers with old sarees is much better than dumping them in old trunks. Cushion covers made from old traditional sarees will add an ethnic touch to your house. All you need is a couple of reference pictures from the internet and a tailor you trust!  

8. Make An Antique Wall Hanging  

If you really like a saree and feel like it has those prints and borders, that make it perfect to be hung on the wall, just do it! Cut the part of the saree that you like the most. It looks culturally rich and adds a very antique look to the room. Get a nice wooden frame for it - we think it’s a great way to deck up the walls!

9. A Heavy Dupatta  

9 ways to reuse old sarees

Don’t we all want to own that one dupatta that has the power to glam up any outfit we pair it with? If you’ve been eyeing one of your mom’s sarees, we think getting a dupatta made would be a really smart thing to do. You can wear it with a plain suit or even team it with a plain kurti on a special day at work.

10. Wear It As It Is

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of letting the tailor run his scissors on the gorgeous piece of cloth. There are a lot of sentiments attached to your mother’s old sarees and there’s nothing wrong in wearing it just as it is!

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Published on Mar 27, 2017
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