10 Awesome Fashion Hacks EVERY Tall Girl Swears By!

10 Awesome Fashion Hacks EVERY Tall Girl Swears By!

This story was updated in February 2019.

Now that you’re here reading this article, we assume that you have been blessed with amazing height and super long legs - we envy you! However, we understand that shopping dresses for tall women can be a task. 

10 Amazing Fashion Tips For Tall Girl

We have compiled here some awesome fashion tips for tall girl that will make you look better than ever!  

1. Try Before You Buy

You might have come across some outfits which made you look even taller and slimmer, maxi dresses are amongst such dresses. If you don’t want to feel heartbroken about that cute maxi dress that ends above your ankles, we suggest you try your clothes before buying -always! Tall women often deal with such issues where the standard length of the clothing is short for them. So avoid ordering clothes online from websites that don’t have a reliable return policy.

2. Go The High Waist Way!

2 fashion tips for the tall girl

Yes ladies, you should totally be picking up high waisted fashion items. This can be another clothing hack for tall girls. Invest in a lot of pencil skirts, flared pants and high waisted jeans! Trust us, they’ll suit your body like nothing else.

3. Avoid Baggy Clothes

It is recommended that you stay away from baggy clothes as they make you appear bigger than you really are. Instead, opt for clothes that fit you well and flatter your body. They should be hugging you, at all the right places!

4. Skinny Jeans Work For You!

4 fashion tips for the tall girl

A pair of good quality skinny jeans is a must-have in every tall girl’s wardrobe. They elongate your torso and make your legs look amazing! You’ll be showered with compliments for those sexy stems!

5. Crop It Up!

Since you’ve got great height, staying covered from head to toe might look plain. Crop tops should be your ultimate choice to break the monotony and bring out the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure.

6. Go Big Or Go Home

6 fashion tips for the tall girl

Indulge in big and statement accessories! Women are advised against wearing big or statement accessories as it tends to look overwhelming on them. On the contrary, you should be investing in oversized handbags, sunnies as well as earrings. Trust us, they’ll look awesome on you!

7. Horizontal Lines For The Win

Horizontal lines draw attention to your waist rather than the length of your body - thus balancing out your overall height. They are a great print to have in your closet.  

8. Refrain From Top Knots...

8 fashion tips for the tall girl 

Instead, opt for hairstyles that rest low on your neck. They balance out your height, rather than making you look taller like topknots and updos tend to do!

9. Step Up Your Shoe Game!

According to popular belief, the first thing that is noticeable on tall women is their shoes. So make sure you are wearing a great pair! Pointed flats should be your go-to footwear - go grab ‘em now!

10. Invest In Maxi Dresses

10 fashion tips for the tall girl

This one is a no brainer! It’s as if maxi dresses were originally created for tall ladies. Okay, they weren’t but they really do have the power to make your figure look amazing while keeping you comfy at the same time! Stock up on ‘em ladies!

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