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10 New (And Amazing!) Bridal Entry Ideas For The 2017 Bride!

10 New (And Amazing!) Bridal Entry Ideas For The 2017 Bride!

You’ve prepped so much for this day. From the endless sessions at the salon to those tiring trips to Chandni Chowk, you’ve spent nothing less than a good three months just for your wedding day. Your makeup is on fleek, the lehenga looks gorgeous and the jewellery is beyond stunning. The only thing left is to make that grand bridal entry. And we have some amazing ideas for that! Here are 10 bridal entry ideas for the 2017 bride.

1. The flower entry

1 bridal entry ideas

Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

Such a beautiful picture this is. The bride enters with all the men carrying large tissue flowers in pretty pastel colours. An amazing alternative to the phoolon ki chaadar, this is just perfect for your summer wedding.

2. Rickshaw to the rescue!

2 bridal entry ideas

Image: Dhanika Choksi Photography

It’s time we replaced the favourite mehendi photo prop and started using it for the wedding instead! For a hatke bridal entry, get atop that rickshaw and have your brother or bestie ride it to the stage. It’ll be so filmy and so fun!

3. Umbrellas so pretty

3 bridal entry ideas

Image: Cupcake Productions

Oh how we love this picture. So stunning! The bride's entire entourage holding beautiful red umbrellas as she walks towards her happily ever after. Can’t stop staring, right?! The wedding was conceptualized and created by Bling Mushrooms

4. A sparkling affair

4 bridal entry ideas

Image: Artfoto Studios

For a stunning entry such as this, all you need is a handful of sparklers! You can attach these to your phoolon ki chaadar, have your friends walking along while holding them or just go in for an entryway of sparklers like this one.

5. A traditional entry

5 bridal entry ideas

Image: Cupcake Production on Instagram

This bride made a truly royal entry on a stunning embellished palki. For the girl who’s always dreamt of feeling like a princess on her wedding day, entering on a palki is just perfect. We love it. Don’t you?

6. Make it dramatic!

6 bridal entry ideas

Image: Morvi Images

For an entry that captures everyone's attention, this is what you need to do! All of the bride's friends held chan-chans in their hands to announce that the bride was now arriving. And shaking these in a synchronized tune will make the entry even more magical.

7. A floral extravaganza

7 bridal entry ideas

Image: The Wedding Salad

Co-founder of Vintage Nutters, bride Purva entered under a beautiful floral setup that was carried by friends and family. And it made for the perfect vintage style entry. Doesn’t it look just stunning?! The beautiful Jaipur wedding was planned by Shaadi Squad

8. The cuteness factor!

8 bridal entry ideas

Image: Cupcake Productions

Your little niece or nephew leading the way carrying a pretty little placard that reads, ‘Here Comes The Bride’. Now that’s how you add bundles of cuteness to your bridal entry.  

9. Ride it in style!

9 bridal entry ideas

Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography

Yes! The bride rode to her wedding stage on a bike! And it’s the coolest thing we’ve ever seen! For an entry that makes everyone stop in their tracks, all you need is a bike and a big smile as you enter your new life.

10. Princess diaries

10 bridal entry ideas

Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography on Instagram

Feel like a true princess as you ride to your happily ever after seated on a chariot. It looks so romantic, so dreamy and an entry straight out of a fairytale. Love it!
Published on Mar 22, 2017
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