Cute, Weird & Hilarious: 10 Girls Share ‘First Date’ Stories!

Cute, Weird & Hilarious: 10 Girls Share ‘First Date’ Stories!
First dates are almost never boring and almost always memorable. It is something special, isn’t it? Here are 10 women sharing their first date experiences. Some of these will make you smile and others will actually make you go ‘WTF!’

1. The chatroom sweetheart

I was young and stupid back then, during the time of Yahoo chatrooms. I started chatting with this guy I met online. For me, it was just about killing time initially but 2 months into it I started to develop feelings for him. He was from Ahmedabad, 5 years older to me and decided to come visit me in Delhi. And he turned out to be nothing like the pictures he’d shared with me online! The moment he got out of the car, all I wanted to do was run away and call this entire thing off. I know it sounds mean but you need to be somewhat physically attracted to your date! I have never ever again been on a blind date or dated someone online. It’s just a bad idea!
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2. The one with a chocolate shake

I went on my first proper date right after I graduated school. I had been talking to this guy for like a month when we decided to meet. I was super-duper nervous, must have changed my outfits five times that day! Anyway, I reached the place we had decided to meet and called him up. He said he was getting a shake from KFC so I waited outside for him. I was standing right next to a huge pillar when I caught a glimpse of him coming outside. My heart was beating so fast, I felt like I was going to puke. Suddenly I felt like I could not do this. So I turned around and hid behind the giant pillar! I was still standing there trying to gather some courage when he tapped me on my shoulder. ‘Are you hiding from me?’ he asked, coyly. I stood there completely lost for words. Five solid minutes of awkward silence later, he handed me the second glass of chocolate shake he was holding in his hands. Surprisingly, that gesture kind of broke the ice for me and I laughed and told him how nervous I felt. That nervous meeting marked the beginning four long and happy years!

3. A date with my crush

I've always had a crush on this one guy who I met in Jr. College. We've seen each other before, but never really had a proper conversation. After we got done with college, both us moved away for further studies. We dated different people and worked in different cities. I had totally forgotten the way he looked or the sound of his voice. One fine day, while I browsing through FB, I got a notification from someone who commented on my profile picture. It was from him! Just before I could reply to that comment, a chat box popped up and he started chatting with me. Eventually, we exchanged numbers and got talking. A week later, he asked me out. We met at one the Socials in Mumbai and in all honesty, that night turned out to be totally magical. I felt like I had known him for a really long time. Lots of eye contact, flirting and touching. We got on like a house on fire. And I definitely wouldn't mind going on more dates with him in the future!
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4. The unexpected date

My first date was straight up weird because I had no clue that I was actually going for a date. I was working with an organization for which I had to deliver talks in various colleges. One day, someone from one of those colleges called me up and told me that they wanted to have a partnership with the organization. They fixed up a meeting for 2 days later in a restaurant. When I entered the venue, I saw one of the admin guys sitting on a table… For 2! He was all suited up, there was champagne on the table and a bouquet of red roses. It wasn’t until I sat down did I realize that he had tricked me into coming on a date with him. He handed me the roses and we talked for a while which was again…extremely awkward. Within 15 minutes, I made up an excuse and ran far, far away. I never took his call or went to that college again.

5. The silly but oh-so-cute date

I was in 10th class when I went on a date...well, kinda. Four months into the relationship, he asked me to go to a nearby bakery for breakfast and so we picked up a few sandwiches and started walking. It was SO awkward. Of course, it had been four months since we started dating but we had only ever met at school and not outside. For a while we were both silent and then gradually when we started talking, I thought to myself - when is he going to hold my hand? Yeah, yeah, we were really young and even holding hands was a big deal at that time. Anyway, we walked for almost half an hour and when we almost reached my place, I thought - at least now he’ll hold my hand or give me a hug but nah, he didn’t do anything and just left with a smile. Later that evening, he texted me, ‘Hey, I’m sorry, I was too nervous’ and I replied ‘I was too.’ So on the next date we made sure we held hands and gave each other a hug. Haha, silly, no?
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6. The one where he was ready to marry me...

I went on my first date when I was in 11th standard. I started talking to this guy on Facebook who turned out to be really sweet and after a month or so of chatting 24x7 with him, we exchanged numbers. He used to text me all the time and I used to love the attention I was getting from him because he was hot AF (most of my friends had a crush on him)! We finally decided to meet, I gathered the courage to bunk my tuition class and go see him. He turned out to be ten times hotter in person! He used to get those dimples on his cheeks and my heart would just melt like butter on a hot parantha whenever I saw him. We went to a coffee house near my place and we started talking. I was amazed by how well we connected. While we were chit-chatting, he got a call from his mother. He picked up his phone and said, ‘Haan mummy, usi se mil raha hun, apki hone wali bahu se’. I thought it was one of his ‘jokes’, but no, he went on... ‘Yeah, she’s pretty. Bilkul photo jaisi. Chalo baki ghar aake batata hun, bye’. I was looking at him with a WTF expression on my face and he told me that his mom had seen my pictures, read our chats and approved of me. And then he said the words, ‘I love you’. I replied, ‘Dude, this is the first time we're meeting. Are you playing a prank or something? Because I’m really freaking out’. He wasn’t. He held my hand and told me that he had fallen in love with me the moment he had seen my picture. I was so shocked. I escaped from that place and never spoke to him again. He kept messaging me that he would do something to himself, but I just blocked him everywhere. It was the worst first date experience ever!

7. The one with PDA gone out of control

We had been dating for a little more than a month when he and I finally decided to go out on a date. It was the day of his farewell, he was all dressed up and I was one year junior to him. So we decided to make the day special. We went to a restaurant, had food and then sat in the nearby park around sunset. It was then that things started getting a little awkward. I hadn't been keen on going to the park but I went because he asked me in such a romantic way that I couldn’t refuse. We sat hand in hand for a long time, he even sang a song for me… Only to turn around and give me a kiss. I wasn’t ready for it but I got really uncomfortable when he started kissing my neck and held me by my waist. Between the second that I decided to push him away and could actually do it, this uncle came up from behind us, yelling at the top of his voice, ‘What is this indecent behaviour?!’ He told me to get up and run, saying he’ll handle the situation alone. But, me being me, I decided to stay - only to get SO embarrassed. The uncle asked us for our addresses and even the phone numbers of our parents. One hell of an end to a date! I broke up with him the next day. 7 first date experiences

8. The perfect date

I went on my first date ever at the age of 22; our mutual friend had set us up. I said no to my friend when he came up with this idea but when he told me that his friend wants to go out with me, I reconsidered. And I'm glad that I did. He specially flew down to Delhi from Ahmedabad and we met in Connaught Place. Once we started talking, there was no stopping us. I found out we had so much in common and our conversations were endless, smoothly moving to one topic to another. We didn't even realize until we paid the bill that we had ordered eight coffees in total - we were that engrossed in the conversation. Later that evening, we were just strolling and talking some more when we realized it was getting late and we needed to leave, he had a late night flight back to Ahmedabad. He offered to drop me home as my house was on his way. When we reached my house, he told me that he enjoyed the evening and would like to meet up for another date. Obviously, I said yes as I wanted to meet him again as well. We hugged while sitting in the car and he leaned towards me. It was my first date ever and I had no clue if I should kiss him or not... My heart was beating at an alarming rate! I had never kissed a guy before! I think he sensed my discomfort and kissed my cheek instead. I swear my face was red and I told him that I had no clue how these things worked. He chuckled, which diffused the tension (which was probably from my side). We hugged again and said our goodbyes.
I am glad that my first date was with such a sweet and caring guy and honestly, I can't wait for our second one!

9. A date gone wrong

I was in my first year of college when this guy, who was a friend of a friend, had been showing interest in me. He’d give me all the extra attention possible at parties and other get-togethers and it seemed like he had spoken about ‘how much he loves me’ to everyone - except me! One day, he finally mustered up the courage and asked me if we could have lunch together the coming weekend. I thought there was no harm in going for a lunch and that the guy was decent, so I said yes. The day finally arrived – a Saturday afternoon when we decided to meet at this new restaurant, which wasn’t too far from both our houses. The date started off pretty well. We chatted throughout and there were no awkward silences. He offered me a drink and I refused. However, that didn’t stop him from ordering some beers for himself. I don’t know if he was nervous and this was his way of coping, but he ended up guzzling one too many beers, and that too in a very short span of time. I told him to take it easy, but I guess it was too late already. He later insisted on extending the date and watching a movie with me. We actually ended up (I was almost forced) going for the last movie one should watch when on a date – World Trade Centre! The show timings suited ours very well and so he decided to go ahead and get the tickets without even asking me. What was worse than watching him drink beer after beer during lunch was that he ended up sleeping throughout the film. I didn’t know if this was hilarious or annoying or a bit of both, but straight after the movie I made him drop me back home and made it clear to him the next day that we were better off as friends.
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10. A date with Scrooge McDuck

I went on my first proper date in the first year of college. A guy from my class asked me out and I agreed. We went to a cute little coffee shop near our college. We ordered two coffees and a few snacks. He seemed like a nice guy… Alright to talk to. But then something happened. When we called for the bill, he told me that we should split it. I was totally cool with that... But then he started making a lot of calculations. As in, way too many. When I questioned him about it, he told me he was calculating how much we owe. And no, he wasn't just dividing the amount by 2. He was splitting it according to how much we had eaten. He hadn't had even a bite of my muffin so he said he wasn't gonna pay for that and since I ate 1/4th of his fries, I would have to pay 1/4th of its cost. I looked at him controlling my urge to yell WTF? In the end, my share turned out to be Rs 17 more than his. He never understood why we never went on a second date.
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