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15 Awesome Whatsapp Statuses For EVERY Bride-To-Be!

15 Awesome Whatsapp Statuses For EVERY Bride-To-Be!

Whether you are the calm kind or the hyper kind of bride-to-be, you need your Whatsapp status to represent what you’re currently feeling! Besides, it’s now more than ever that people will be hounding you on Whatsapp and keeping a tab on all your beautiful and romantic Whatsapp pictures. Here’s some help for you - some fabulous Whatsapp statuses to keep during your courtship period.

For the totally chilled out bride who wants to make a statement...

1. Bridechilla in the house! 1 whatsapp statuses 2. Keep calm because the bride says so!

For the filmy bride...

3. Dulhe se keh do, yeh dulhan waqt lagayegi. 4. This Simran has found her Raj.

For the stressed out/ overworked bride...

5. DND: Bridezilla Mode ON 5 whatsapp statuses 6. BRB. Currently preparing for Wife Mode

For the romantic bride...

7. Soon to be Mrs! 8. One Magical Forever: Coming Right Up! 9. Can’t wait to annoy one special person for the rest of my life. whatsapp statuses

For the fun bride...

10. Prepare your livers: The wedding is coming! 11. He stole my heart, so I’m stealing his last name.

For the musical bride...

12. All of me loves all of you. 13. I’ve loved you for a 1000 years, I’ll love you for a 1000 more. 13 whatsapp statuses 14. All we need is somebody to lean on. 15. People fall in love in mysterious ways. Psst, don't forget to be liberal with those emojis! Now pick a status and make a statement already, Miss Bride-to-be!
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Published on Feb 20, 2017
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