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What Happened When I Hooked Up With… My Guy Bestie!

What Happened When I Hooked Up With… My Guy Bestie!

He was new to my class and I absolutely disliked him... For no reason at all. Utkarsh was snooty, seemed pretty high headed and something about him didn’t feel right. But things changed rapidly, without the need for an occasion. We became the best of friends and started spending way too much time together! We bunked school to go for movies, we went to the same tuition and even hung out after school.
One year passed quickly, and we passed out of school and went to different colleges… Though we mostly travelled together everyday to the campus, but we had still become a little distant. He had his own life and I had mine… And we were both pretty happy exploring our new found freedom. Even though we met less and weren't as involved in each others lives, we pretty much shared everything... From bitching about our college mates, confessing about our crushes to talking about my new boyfriend. I had been seeing my boyfriend for a good six months, we’d been physically intimate and it was all going smooth and sweet...until I eventually found out that he was cheating on me with my classmate. This was my first ‘real’ relationship and I was completely disheartened and heartbroken. Internal i slept with my best friend I cried for days at end and met Utkarsh to tell him what happened. I went to his place, narrated the entire story to him and kept sobbing. He was angry at first, but he comforted me by giving me a tight hug that lasted really long. And I was enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling...his arms wrapped around me made me feel secure. I kept hugging him and stayed that way for almost five minutes. It was just in those minutes that I realized he was the one whose touch I’d been craving. It felt so right. The minute I left his embrace, I kissed him on his lips and he kissed me back. I really don’t know why I did what I did, but it just happened that way. I didn’t want to stop and I kept kissing him and started making out with him passionately. We were exploring each other's bodies like this was meant to happen someday. He gently put my hair back and unhooked my bra…and I undid the buttons of his shirt. The lighting, the mood, the setting...everything seemed perfect and there was nothing stopping us. He lay me down and kissed my entire body… That night couldn’t have been better and there’s nothing more I could have asked for. I slept with my best friend, even when I wasn’t dating him and thought that I wasn’t into him.
Fast forward to seven years later, I am still dating my best friend and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. * Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock
Published on Feb 10, 2017
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