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#HeSays: 10 Thoughts A Guy Has About His Girlfriend’s Butt!

#HeSays: 10 Thoughts A Guy Has About His Girlfriend’s Butt!

Butts can never be the new boobs, no matter how much pop culture might try to make it that way. But we can't deny that there has been an increase in our interest in that area of our girlfriend's body. And while it's nothing compared to our obsession with boobs (yet), here's what guys think about butts - in particular, their girlfriends’ butts!

1. Two more squishy bouncy things!

And you know how much we love squishy, bouncy things.

2. Wow, her butt looks great when she bends over.

There need to be more reasons in the world for you to do that, honestly.

3. It's really the best thing to grab in the world.

Okay, maybe second best - but it's a close call. 3 what guys think about butts

4. Damn, this is why doggy style is the best.

That view...nothing can beat that view!

5. Those jeans, though. I wish I was those jeans.

Or those leggings, or those jeggings…

6. There has to be something sacred about this picture.

It's kind of mesmerizing… We just want to get as close as possible to your butt! All. The. Time! 6 what guys think about butts

7. It stops my heart when she wears just a T-shirt.

You know you're teasing us to death when you do that, right?

8. I really want to see her in a thong again.

No, not the frilly kind. Just a simple one. There's just something about it…

9. Why does she always have to cover it, though?

Really, why? Clothes are so unnecessary. Especially when you're with us!
9 what guys think about butts

10. I wonder if she'll let me go there?

Spanking, anal… We've got a million fantasies that feature your butt and we're dying to try them all. Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Feb 3, 2017
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