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10 Weird Sounding Beauty Hacks That *Actually* Work!!

10 Weird Sounding Beauty Hacks That *Actually* Work!!
Often, the most unexpected things give you phenomenal results. Here is a list of some weird beauty hacks that will tackle your everyday issues with no effort at all!

1. Avoid stray mascara marks

1 weird beauty hacks Place a spoon over your lashes while applying your mascara, to avoid clumps. The excess mascara goes onto the spoon instead of your lashes, for a slick and natural finish.

2. Reduce puffy eyes

Who knew a simple spoon could work so many beauty wonders? Place chilled spoons on your eyes to reduce puffiness and instantly brighten up your eyes!

3. Caffeine to fix your cellulite

3 weird beauty hacks After your next brew, don’t bin the used coffee grounds. Instead, slather it over your body for a super quick and easy DIY scrub. This moisturises your skin and works wonders in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

4. The magic of refrigerating beauty products

Warm temperatures can cause your nail polishes to dry up, eyeliners to break easily and lipsticks to turn smudgy. Fix all these in one go by stashing your beauty products in the fridge.

5. Make your nail polish set in a jiffy

5 weird beauty hacks In a rush after your mani/pedi session? No more smudged nail polish with this extra step. Just dip your fingers and/or toes in cold water to help your polish set almost instantly.

6. Whiten your teeth with charcoal

This may sound crazy, but brush your teeth with some activated charcoal powder and they will appear brighter instantly. Charcoal is known for its ability to draw out impurities and dirt. The same logic extends to your teeth as well!

7. Turn your eye pencil into a gel liner

7 weird beauty hacks Just hold your eyeliner near a flame to alter the consistency of your regular eyeliner and transform it into a smooth gel like consistency. This glides on effortlessly without any streaks for an even and smooth finish.

8. Red lipstick as a concealer

Your regular concealer may not be able to give you complete coverage, but, fret not, use your red lipstick over your dark circles, blend and follow up with your regular concealer. This colour correcting method ensures that your dark circles are well hidden regardless of which concealer you use. Opt for a pinkish red lipstick if you have fair skin.

9. Green tea to cure chapped lips

9 weird beauty hacks After your next brew, just leave the green tea bag in the fridge for a couple of minutes and press it onto your lips. Make sure the tea bag is still wet when you do it. If you’re constantly reapplying lip balm to combat flaky lips, this trick works wonders in smoothening out the area.

10. Highlight your hair with lemon

Want to highlight your hair but apprehensive because of the chemicals involved in the process? Use lemons instead! Some lemon juice mixed with olive oil left on the hair for about an hour will leave you with shiny locks and natural highlights that aren’t too drastic. You may need to repeat the process a couple of times for the lightening effect to show, but it is truly worth it considering how harmless the process is! Images: Shutterstock