15 *Amazing* Perfumes To Smell Like A Dream On Your Wedding Day!

15 *Amazing* Perfumes To Smell Like A Dream On Your Wedding Day!
Want to smell like a sweet, delicate flower on your wedding day? We know just the right bunch of perfumes to make that dream of yours come true! Any of these scents will make you feel refreshed, happy and super pumped to walk down the aisle with oodles of grace and style. Here are 15 wedding day perfumes for the bride!

1. Marc Jacobs Dot Eau De Parfum Spray

1 wedding day perfumes You certainly can’t say no to a beautiful perfume bottle like this one. It has tiny polka dots and resembles a cute lady bug. If you like the subtle scents of jasmine, oranges, red berries, honeysuckle and coconut water, you’ll totally fall in love with this gorgeous baby. Price: Rs 5,200 for 50 ml. Buy it here.

2. Givenchy Live Irresistible Eau De Parfum

2 wedding day perfumes Looking to splurge on a quality perfume? The kind that lifts your mood and keeps you feeling fresh all day? Well, you’re looking at one at the moment. Known for it’s floral and fruity fragrance, this one is bound to make you look and feel every bit princessy on your wedding day. Price: Rs 5,625 for 40 ml. Buy it here.

3. Chloe Signature Eau De Parfum

3 wedding day perfumes Even the scent of a green meadow cannot be compared to the floral fragrance packed into this perfume bottle. The scent is sweet and super feminine. Any bride who wears this particular fragrance is about to bag some amazing compliments at her wedding. Price: Rs 6,400 for 50 ml. Buy it here.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Eau De Parfum

4 wedding day perfumes A princess like yourself deserves the best in life. This particular perfume defines royalty. The bottle has a shiny purple stone fixed on it and you’ll land up smelling like blackcurrant and vanilla all day. If that’s not yum, we don’t know what is! Price: Rs 6,185 for 50 ml. Buy it here.

5. Nina Ricci Mademoiselle Ricci EDP

5 wedding day perfumes If you love collecting perfumes, this one must be added to your collection. Giving you a rosy scent, this amazing perfume will make heads turn when you walk into that reception hall. Picking this perfume up will be the best decision you’ve made all day.  Price: Rs 3,015 for 80 ml. Buy it here.

6. Diesel Fuel For Life Unlimited Eau De Parfum

6 wedding day perfumes It’s not only important to look like a million bucks, you should smell like it too, on your big day. This perfume from Diesel looks beautiful in it’s golden, lacey bottle. A citrusy and seductive scent that will keep you coming back for more. Price: Rs 3,525 for 75 ml. Buy it here.

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7. Calvin Klein Beauty For Women Eau De Parfum

7 wedding day perfumes Calvin Klein perfumes are popular among the ladies because the scent is so delicious. A strong scent and the kind that will linger on your soft skin all day. If you ever get tired during your wedding day, spritz this hot stuff on yourself and you’ll instantly feel refreshed. Price: Rs 4,900 for 50 ml. Buy it here.

8. Avon Luck For Her Eau de Parfum

8 wedding day perfumes Don’t want to shell out a lot of money on a perfume to wear on the wedding? We heard you. This is the kind of perfume that you can wear to your shaadi and also to other special occasions. The perfume’s name itself revolves around luck. Come to think of it, that’s the kind of intention you need for your new life too. Price: Rs 2,175 for 50 ml. Buy it here.

9. Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum

9 wedding day perfumes Sure it’s a tad bit expensive, but hey? This is going to be your signature scent for your wedding. Since your wedding is a once in a lifetime situation, we think you must wear something you’ll be remembered for. You want to woo your man and guests, and this perfume will do just that. Price: Rs 6,000 for 50 ml. Buy it here.

10. Paco Rabanne Lady Million Absolutely Gold EDP

10 wedding day perfumes A bride who’s into floral perfumes with a blend of citrus, this one has to be your first choice. The bottle looks like a tiny gold cube, but trust us, the fragrance that it gives out is like no other. We bet that once you wear this one, you’ll feel like a queen on your wedding day. Price: Rs 4,235 for 80 ml. Buy it here.

11. Lacoste Eau De Sensuelle Eau de Parfum

11 wedding day perfumes When in doubt, always pick this perfume. It’s a safe choice and will have you smelling like a bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers. Spray it on the sides of your neck, wrists and collar bone, and your hubby won’t be able to resist you. Price: Rs 3,256 for 50 ml. Buy it here.

12. Lancome Tresor in Love EDP

12 wedding day perfumes Aww! Doesn’t this perfume bottle look like a tiny person wearing a floral bowtie? It looks absolutely charming if you ask us. For a woman who’s just about to tie the knot, this one is ideal. Not only will your guests fall in love with this scent, your soon-to-be hubby will be amazed too. Price: Rs 5,300 for 50 ml. Buy it here.

13. GUCCI Flora EDC

13 wedding day perfumes If it’s a Gucci perfume, you just know that it’s going to worth every penny. The light, delicate and gentle fragrance makes an appropriate scent for an important occasion like your wedding. We bet one whiff of it is enough to make you fall in love all over again! Price: Rs 5,550 for 75 ml. Buy it here.

14. Burberry Brit EDT

14 wedding day perfumes Hurry and pick yours up today! This quality perfume is on sale and trust us, it’s a quality product. Once sprayed on, you’ll smell like a rose and feel a lot more confident too. This particular scent is perfect for a sophisticated and classy bride like yourself. Price: Rs 2,790 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

15. Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise EDP

15 wedding day perfumes Who doesn’t want to feel as bright as a rainbow on her wedding day, right? Not only do we think that the bottle’s adorable in its multiple colours, the scent too smells fresh and sweet. If you’re having a destination wedding, this baby will give you the tropical vibes. Price: Rs 4,949 for 100 ml. Buy it here. From this list of 15 fabulous perfumes, which one are you tempted to try out first? We would LOVE to know! Featured Image: Shutterstock