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10 Easy Ways To Start A Conversation With *That* Cute Guy!!

10 Easy Ways To Start A Conversation With *That* Cute Guy!!
We know what the movies say. The guy has to make a move first and then it is up to you to accept or reject his proposal... But girls, we live in the 21st century, and it is time to reclaim our lives, one man at a time. So if you spot a cute guy, bring out your suave moves and go out there and talk to him. Here are 10 ways to start a conversation!

1. Keep It Simple

When you find the guy on his own at the bar, just go ahead and say ‘Hello’. If he is having a drink, ask him if it's any good and maybe order one for yourself to keep the conversation going. 1 ways to start a conversation

2. Rehearse

If you are getting nervous, stand in front of your friend or a mirror and decide what you are going to say. Remember, even if you goof up, he is an absolute stranger. If he appears to be patient and friendly, by all means, start all over.

3. Be Curious

Notice his body language from a distance, to figure out if he appears to be guarded or welcoming. Try and sneakily overhear what he is talking to his friends about. If there are any common grounds, like sports or movies, you’ll at least have something to talk about once you decide to approach him. 3 ways to start a conversation

4. Send A Messenger

I have seen this happen first-hand, when a guy’s friend asked my friend for a dance. If you think you are going to chicken out, just ask your bestie to go talk to the guy. She has got nothing at stake and would do it gladly to help you out.

5. Fake It, Till You Make It

Pretend to be a bit clumsy and run into him. Apologize profusely. Smile your best smile. And walk away. Make sure you have friends on the other end, watching him, watching you!
5 ways to start a conversation

6. Small Talk

This could work especially well at a small party. Get your group of friends to socialize with his group of friends. Or if a friend knows him personally, ask to be introduced and start a conversation with him.

7. Liquid Courage

If you are feeling particularly unsure about the situation, have a few cocktails before you go for the chase. It is better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all! 7 ways to start a conversation

8. Maintain Eye Contact

When you find someone cute, and have noticed him intermittently checking you out at well, maintain eye contact and don’t look away. Appear welcoming and warm even if you don’t want to make a move just yet.

9. Pick Up Lines

These need to be used with caution because even as girls we gawk at silly ‘How you doin’ tropes. Try something along the lines of, ‘Can I have some raisins? (No, sorry) Well, then, can I have a date?’ It is downright silly, we know. But it might just get some laughs to ease your nerves. 9 ways to start a conversation

10. Tell it like it is

If you are in no mood to beat around the bush, just get straight to the point with something as simple as, ‘Hey I think you are cute, want to join me on the dance floor?’ He'll love the confidence!
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