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10 Cute Little Ways To Make Your *New* Relationship Stronger!

10 Cute Little Ways To Make Your *New* Relationship Stronger!
A new relationship can be challenging as getting to know another person is as bumpy as it is exciting! Don’t you wish someone just told you a way in which you could make your relationship with your sweetheart stronger? Fret not, as we have compiled a list of simple, little things that’ll help you go a long way with your new-found love!

1. Communicate and be yourself

So here's the spoiler - sweeping things under the rug, hiding your true emotions can turn your relationship toxic. Hence, from the very beginning, make an effort to speak your mind and share your true feelings with each other. Couples that communicate well, essentially last longer.

2. Spending time is the key

No amount of telephonic conversations, FaceTime sessions or texting can replace spending time with each other in person. Make it a point to take time out of your busy schedules and spend time getting to know each other and just enjoying each other’s company. Giving your relationship the time investment that it needs, is one of the surest ways to create a deep understanding between you and your partner. 2 new relationship

3. Do daily chores together

They say it’s not always flowers and butterflies, because even doing daily chores together like going grocery shopping, getting his laptop fixed or buying your mother’s birthday present bring you closer to your sweetheart.

4. Create rituals

Create certain rituals that are exclusive to just the two of you, as a couple. These could be celebrating monthly anniversaries, trying out a new restaurant every month, daily morning jogs or even something simple like a weekly movie night. A touch of exclusivity makes a relationship (especially a new teething one) much stronger. 4 new relationship

5. Show that you care

By doing little things or through simple gestures, you can make all the difference. Intertwining your fingers with his, kissing him out of the blue, leaving him a cute handwritten note or just bringing him his favourite chocolates, are all ways to show him that you really care.

6. Be there for him

Listen to him, hear his problems out and try to provide him with solutions as well. By letting your partner know, from the very beginning, that you’ll stand by him through thick and thin will really cement your relationship. 6 new relationship

7. Cute text messages

From the mandatory good morning and goodnight texts (A.K.A. ‘you are the first thought when I wake up and the last thought before bed’ texts), to exchanging some cute, romantic texts and general updates will make you go a long way as a couple. They call it ‘keeping in touch’ for a reason girls!

8. Encourage and compliment each other

This is so simple and doable, yet so many couples forget to do the same very soon into the relationship. Encourage your partner to chase his dreams and be his constant support and, trust us, he will reciprocate the love! Every now and then, pay him a compliment to let him know that he’s truly special. 8 new relationship

9. Don’t be afraid to try new things together

By trying out things that are new to you both, whether it’s Japanese cuisine or ice skating or something like slam poetry, just go for it. In the process, you might just discover something that you both love and enjoy (or hate)! It’s a great way to make memories either way.

10. Learn to forgive

The start of a new relationship, when you and your partner are in the process of getting to know each other, things can be a bit bumpy. Be mature and realize that these little fights and arguments are absolutely normal, and make a conscious effort to forgive each other. After all, holding grudges would only weaken your bond with each other.
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