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11 Things About The Wedding *He* Will Love Planning!

11 Things About The Wedding *He* Will Love Planning!
Unlike us girls, not all men are excited about wedding planning. It is not that they don’t care about the wedding, but they seem to be less bothered about the minute details of it. So ladies, if you want your fiance to be a tad more involved in the shaadi planning process, here are a few things that you can do to actually get him excited about wedding planning.Try these out - you won’t be disappointed, we promise.

1. Hear him out

He might be more keen than you on taking care of the music or the alcohol for the wedding. Talk to him and ask him what he would like to help with instead of just assigning tasks to him. Trust us, ladies, his interest level in that area of wedding planning will get him more excited about shaadi work. 1 excited about wedding planning

2. The budget

It is important for both of you to sit together and discuss the wedding budget with each other. Allocate your expenses and decide how much needs to be spent on what. This will also help both of you in the future when you start managing the household budget together.

3. His clothes

You might have dreamt of him wearing a sherwaani in a particular colour on the wedding day, but ask him what he would want to wear on D-day. Just like you have a particular lehenga in mind, he too could have something that he wants to wear. 3 excited about wedding planning

4. Use his negotiating skills

Let him work out the rates with the vendors and figure out what all the vendors can include in the package. Sharing this responsibility will also mean lead to efficient planning, brides-to-be. Giving him a target will make this more fun for him.  

5. Write your vows together

In today’s time, most of the couples write down their wedding vows with each other. Plan a date night and spend some romantic time together as you both pen down the vows you want to make to each other.
5 excited about wedding planning

6. Involve his friends in the planning

Ask his friends to accompany him during the planning. Having his boys around him will make the planning and the trial sessions even more fun for him.

7. Choosing the menu

As they say, the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. Ask him to be in charge of the menu and all the food-related planning. The foodie in him would love to look after this category, we say. 7 excited about wedding planning

8. Let him create the playlist

To ensure that he is on the dance floor all night and has a great time on the cocktail, ask him to directly get in touch with the DJ and give him/ her a list of the songs that should be played that night.

9. Discuss groom entry ideas

Everyone waits for the bride’s entry during the wedding but even the groom’s entry and the baraat is an important part of the wedding. Instead of him coming on the horse, suggest new and creative ways to him and discuss this together so that his entry is more fun and memorable. This is surely one part of the planning he’d be interested in. 9 excited about wedding planning

10. First night planning

You won’t have to put in too much of an effort into this, ladies. He definitely is excited about his first night. You can spice things up and ask him what he feels you should be wearing on the first night. Does he like lacy lingerie? Any favourite colours? You get the drift, right?

11. Honeymoon planning

You both are eagerly waiting for all the functions to get over and quickly leave for your honeymoon, right? While planning your wedding, don’t keep all discussions limited to the functions. Discuss your honeymoon too. Let him do the research on hotels, flights and the activities to do there. He will surely love planning the first vacation you both are set to take as husband and wife. 11 excited about wedding planning GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr