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10 Ways To Deal With Sweat & Stay *Fresh* On Your Wedding Day!

10 Ways To Deal With Sweat & Stay *Fresh* On Your Wedding Day!
As a bride, we bet you must feel anxious that your wedding is just few days away. With anxiousness follows unwanted stress. Stress leads to sweating. And trust us, sweaty, oily looking skin can play spoilsport for your wedding look and how! To save you from the embarrassment, here are 10 amazing ways to deal with sweating on your wedding day. (We’ve got you covered, lady!)

1. Start With Ice

1 deal with sweating on your wedding day Before your makeup artist starts to apply your bridal makeup, request her to rub a cube of ice all over your face. This helps close skin pores and makes the skin firm. Thus, reducing the chances of sweating. Give it a shot, we say!

2. Always Carry A Facial Mist

Dear bride, listen up! The one beauty product that you must always carry on your wedding day is a facial mist. Why, you ask? Simply because the spray helps keep your skin cool and fresh. When your skin is cool, your makeup too lasts longer. The particular one is the boss at it!

3. Powder Up!

3 deal with sweating on your wedding day When it comes to setting your makeup, mineral powder is the best! The reason being it helps absorb oil, keeps the makeup in place and makes the skin look smooth and even-toned. For beauty emergencies, carrying mineral powder and a beauty blender will sort you out on your big day.

4. Go Minimal All The Way

Let’s say your wedding is falling on a hot summer day. Our advice to you would be that you don’t apply too much makeup. It could either give you a caked up look or melt off when you least expect it to. Go minimal and only stick to essentials, we say! Use blush to freshen up your face, a light BB cream or foundation for that flawless look, a dash of bronzer on the cheeks, chin and nose, and for the final touch, waterproof mascara and matte lipstick for the win!

5. Stay Far Away From Dark Colors

5 deal with sweating on your wedding day On a hot day, smokey eyes and dark blushes aren’t your best bet. If they smudge, this could ruin your entire look. Soft and natural shades are advisable. Pastels and nudes can make your makeup look vibrant, natural and gorgeous.  

6. A Primer Can Be Your Saviour

The whole purpose of using a primer is that it helps the makeup stay on your face for a longer period of time. Although, it tones down the shine later in the day, this baby can help you deal with excessive sweating in the best way possible. Before you apply your foundation, use a primer and you’re sorted!

7. Water Is The Bomb!

7 deal with sweating on your wedding day If you want to sweat less, you’ve got to keep your body hydrated. Carry a small bottle and feel free to add ice cubes in it to keep the water chilled. Sip on it from time to time and you’ll notice that your skin becomes supple and smooth. The chilled bottle can also act as an emergency ice pack for your face and neck. Pretty cool, eh?

8. It’s ALL About Timing

Never apply makeup just after you’ve stepped out from a steamy, hot shower. Wait it out for 10 minutes or more before you start your makeup ritual. When the skin is warm, the pores open up and absorb the makeup ingredients faster. This could lead to breakouts and a less polished look. Which is why you must wait for you skin to cool down. If time is the issue, a quick splash of chilled water on your face will work just fine.  

9. What’s Your Foundation Choice?

9 deal with sweating on your wedding day Just so you know, heavy and full coverage foundations have a higher possibility of melting away. A lighter product that’s oil-free is what you need to use on your wedding day. This will not be heavy on your skin and will give it a much natural and faint glow.

10. Baby Wipes To The Rescue!

Believe it or not, but baby wipes can be of help on your wedding day! They’re perfect for those quick touch-ups and can instantly make your skin feel smooth, supple and fresh. Ask your bestie to carry some along and this rockstar will come to your rescue when you need it most! Internal Images: Shutterstock