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Normal Me vs PMSing Me: 15 Overreactions EVERY Girl Has!!

Normal Me vs PMSing Me: 15 Overreactions EVERY Girl Has!!
P.M.S. - every girl's ultimate frenemy! The moment the thought, ‘Woohoo! I'm not pregnant!’ passes, the symptoms begin. Everyone PMSes differently - some girls float through with a swing in their step, not a care in the world, while others will literally hunt you down if you so much as breathe too loudly near them! Here’s how girls react when PMSing! How many of these do you relate to?!

1. A Back Ache

Normal Me: ‘Oh, man, my back hurts!’ PMSing Me: ‘Why is this happening to me? I feel like my body is about to snap into 50 different pieces.’

2. Feeling Hungry

Normal Me: ‘Hmm, I'm quite hungry. Wonder what mom's making for dinner…’ PMSing Me: ‘Daal chawal? Again? Are you trying to starve me? Why do you just want to see me cry all the time?’ *Sits and sobs while shovelling seconds of daal-chawal onto the plate*

3. Faced With Chocolate

Normal Me: ‘Ooo, yum, I'll just have a couple of pieces!’ PMSing Me: *Unavailable for comment. Too busy tearing open wrapper number seven...teen* 3 girls react when pmsing

4. Fighting With Bae

Normal Me: ‘You know what? You're just being really unreasonable. I'll call you later, bye.’ PMSing Me: ‘Yeah? Oh, yeah? Well, f*ck you! I hate you! Don't ever speak to me again!’

5. Mum Calling You

Normal Me: ‘Yeah, be there in two minutes!’ PMSing Me: ‘I SAID - GIVE ME A MINUTE!!’

6. Life Prospects

Normal Me: ‘Okay, so I'm not exactly where I said I would be when I reached 25 - on the career front...or the boyfriend front. But at least I have had some pretty awesome experiences!’ PMSing Me: ‘But what have I actually achieved? What will I ever achieve? What if my destiny is just as bleak as the grey weather and this sofa and I are just destined to become one?!’ 6 girls react when pmsing

7. Thinking About Exercise

Normal Me: ‘Ah, man, I hate the gym… But whatever, I'll go.’ PMSing Me: ‘Did I remember to buy chocolate ice cream or not?’ *Cancels pilates class from calendar*

8. Going Out To Party

Normal Me: ‘Eee, can't wait to try out my new black heels!’ PMSing Me: ‘Why aren't pyjama parties a thing anymore?’

9. Meeting A Friend's Newborn Baby

Normal Me: ‘Aww, so cute… Look at his little toes!’ PMSing Me: ‘I knew my life was missing something. And I have found it now. THIS is my true calling - I must make a baby!’ 9 girls react when pmsing

10. There Being Dhania On Your Food

Normal Me: ‘Ugh, again? I told them to remove it…’

11. Bed Time

Normal Me: ‘Finally! Goodnight, world.’ PMSing Me: ‘Oh, my heavenly, bounteous, cushiony joy! I missed you so much, bed!’

12. At Work With Colleagues

Normal Me: ‘Shall I help you out with that? I have some spare time…’ PMSing Me: *Just pretend to look in exactly the opposite direction and they might not even notice you're in the room* 12 girls react when pmsing

13. Playing With A Puppy

Normal Me: ‘Who's a good boy?! You're a good boy!!’ PMSing Me: ‘You are my best friend in this whole universe, did I ever tell you that?! I love you my little puppy, doggy, cutest, bestest munchkin of joy!!!’

14. Ordering Food

Normal Me: ‘Yeah, so I'll have a medium cheese pizza...’ PMSing Me: ‘Yeah, so I'll have a medium cheese pizza... Actually, make that a large. Does that come with any combos? Okay. And a chocolate milkshake too? Okay, thanks, bye!’

15. When Bae Wants To Get Off The Phone

Normal Me: ‘Okay, bye.’
PMSing Me: ‘WHY DO YOU ALWAYS WANT TO LEAVE ME? WHY? WHYYYYYYYY?!’ 15 girls react when pmsing GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr