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15 *Sweet* Vows ALL Happy Couples Make To Each Other!

15 *Sweet* Vows ALL Happy Couples Make To Each Other!

We have all come across that one couple who seems so happy and content in their relationship. They don’t fight in public (and even if they banter in private, that’s quite okay) or complain or crib about not being single. In fact, they are happy and pretty awesome. So, we are letting you in on a little secret. Here are 15 vows happy couples make to each other… You should try them too!

1. Dear love, I vow to be your secret keeper forever.

You never have to worry about saying too much. All of your secrets are safe with me.

2. Dear love, whenever you are sad, I vow to make you laugh till your cry.

Because I know exactly how to turn your frown upside down! 2 vows happy couples make

3. Dear love, I vow to make time for you no matter how busy or maddening my schedule gets.

I may not be able to spare too much time everyday, but every moment that I spend with you will be yours alone… Minus any distractions.

4. Dear love, I vow to always split the last slice of pizza with you.

See how much I love you? 4 vows happy couples make

5. Dear love, I vow to walk with you through all pits and puddles of life especially when no one else is willing to.

Because I know you will walk with me through mine.

6. Dear love, I vow to never have the ‘give me your password’ fight with you.

I trust you and I respect you. I do not feel the need to spy on you. 6 vows happy couples make

7. Dear love, I vow to be your Valentine every single year, even if you forget to ask me.

I know you may forget it once or twice because you can be like that sometimes, but you are stuck with me forever and nothing can change that.

8. Dear love, I vow to always have your back even when I feel you have gone a little crazy.

Because I know you better than anyone else does and vowed to love the crazy you too, when I said ‘I love you’. 8 vows happy couples make

9. Dear love, I vow to always have a secret stash of your fave drink at my place.

So that whenever you've had a sucky day you can come over and rant to me as you sip on it.

10. Dear love, I vow to never let you go to bed without a goodnight kiss.

Even if sometimes it's an emoji kiss! 10 vows happy couples make

11. Dear love, I vow to give you your space when you need some.

Because I know you too may need some alone time or a timeout with your friends at time. I won’t mind… I promise!

12. Dear love, I vow to love you just the way you are.

Because I fell in love with your imperfections too! 12 vows happy couples make

13. Dear love, I vow to not bring up our old fights or use them as sub-fights to win an argument.

Because I know it'll only make both of us more miserable. I still want to be kissing you goodnight at the end of the day.

14. Dear love, I vow to be my goofy, slightly crazy self even when we are a hundred years old.

How else are we going to be the badass old couple who is still madly in love? 14 vows happy couples make

15. ... And if we are a hundred years old someday, I vow to hold your hand as we sit in our cozy home and complain about the world being too fast.

And that…is going to be my fairytale. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Feb 27, 2017
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