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FAB Wedding Pictures In Your Budget… 10 Smart Ways To Cut Costs!

FAB Wedding Pictures In Your Budget… 10 Smart Ways To Cut Costs!
We’ve always asked you to keep aside a good percentage of your wedding budget for the photography. But that does not mean that you go overboard and end up spending more than what you should have. A tight budget does not necessarily mean that you can’t have those magical couple pictures or the dreamy getting ready shots. A few smart tips can help you save cost and cut down extra expenditure. So, brides-to-be and their unofficial wedding planners, check out these 10 tips to save on the wedding photography.

1. Research is SO important

We are all enamored by the work of certain wedding photographers. But, if they’re not in your budget, you just can’t help it. But what you can do is some thorough research to find someone who fits the bill. Go over the work of various photographers to figure what works for you. Everyone has a different style of photographing a wedding and you’re sure to find someone whose work you love... in your budget.    1 save on the wedding photography

2. The wedding month matters

Getting married during the off season months means you save a hell lot of money with every vendor. October to February is the heavy shaadi season and rates usually soar higher during these months. Choose a date or month that isn’t very packed.

3. Focus on one big function

A week long affair or four different ceremonies? How about hiring a fabulous photographer only for the big wedding day. You can totally save up if you opt for budget photographers for all other functions and instead splurge on just one of the main events. 3 save on the wedding photography

4. A complimentary pre-wedding shoot

Most photographers will be happy to oblige you with a complimentary pre-wedding shoot if you’re booking them for your wedding. Make sure you strike a great deal by either asking for a pre-wedding shoot or a fun bride and bestie shoot. A packaged deal with a few freebies never hurt anyone.

5. How big a team do you need?

Are you planning on a lip dub video or a wedding film with bytes from all your relatives and friends? If not, then you may not require a big team of professionals. Also, it’s a good idea to pick a less expensive team for the video. You can always get it edited later to suit your requirements. Lastly, if yours is an intimate wedding with a small gathering then you could manage with a smaller photography team. 5 save on the wedding photography

6. Candid photos is all you need

An amazing way to cut costs is to have a budget team of photographers capture the entire wedding and hire a fab professional for the candid bit. He/ she could only focus on the bride, groom and the family.

7. Talent is what matters

Go for the talent and not the name. Look for budding photographers who are decently priced or teams that have only come into the market recently. Give that ameture photographer a chance and hopefully, you won’t regret it. Also, make sure you hire a professional from your city to save on the travel and lodging cost. 7 save on the wedding photography

8. Cut back on those flash bulbs

The lighting equipment required for photography can cost a bomb and sometimes your venue already has enough light to get good pictures. Also, a day function means you just don’t need any of those flash bulbs.

9. Book in advance

Because advance booking is always cheaper than last-minute booking for every wedding vendor. It's always a wise decision to book your wedding professionals at least 6 months in advance. So start your research soon! 9 save on the wedding photography

10. Do you need a wedding album?

Do you? How about just getting your pictures on a CD or pen drive. You can easily share them with your guests and also show off the pictures on your laptop instead. Let go of the album if you’re working on a budget. You can always get one later. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr