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Happily Ever After: 11 *Secrets* To A Successful Marriage!

Happily Ever After: 11 *Secrets* To A Successful Marriage!
Marriages are a mix of miracles, magic, a few adjustments here and here, and lots of love. And ladies, a happy marriage doesn’t come about on its own - it surely requires an effort from both sides. To make it a smoother ride for you, we give you 11 things that couples in a successful marriage do. Keep these in mind and have a happy marriage!

1. They keep no secrets

No white lies either. They are comfortable sharing even the most uncomfortable thing with each other because they know the other will understand. 1 happy marriage

2. Sex isn’t a BIG deal

Of course, they have an awesome sex life, and they spice things up as and when they want to, but it isn’t the most important aspect of their marriage.

3. Teasing is fun

Neither one gets offended by the jokes and mischief because you know where to draw the line.

4.  They take holidays often

Because both of them know how stressful work and family can get sometimes. A few short and some long breaks does the trick to stay fresh and happy. 4 happy marriage

5. They are friends first

Nothing beats the comfort of a good friendship and that’s why – even though there is romance between them – it’s the friendship that keeps them well bonded.

6. They keep money matters simple

Money matters can complicate any relationship, so they keep it simple by maintaining straightforward accounts. They openly discuss what each of them would like to save and splurge on and reach a consensus.

7.  They fight...

...But never hold a grudge. Even if they get into a fight every other day.
7 happy marriage

8. They aren’t always on social media

Because they’d rather be with each other, actually showing affection in person, instead of doing PDA online.

9. They are happy with themselves first

Ladies, this is a given - if you aren’t happy with yourself, you can’t keep each other happy.

10. They hit it off with the in-laws

Whether you stay with them or not – bonding with the in-laws is crucial to a marriage. And yes, it works both ways. 10 happy marriage

11. They keep the romance alive

Even of it means clichéd candlelight dinners – the romance never dies and both put in an equal effort in making it work. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr