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23 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has While *Bra Shopping* At A Mall!

23 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has While *Bra Shopping* At A Mall!

We bet almost every girl has shopped for bras at a mall. Sure, dealing with those stares while walking into the store is a bit of a task but once you’re in, it's all good. If you know what we mean, we bet you’ve also had these 23 thoughts while bra shopping at a mall. 1. What?! Flat 50% off on ALL bras!? 2. Shut up and take my money! I have to check this sale out! 3. Ooo, so many colours and patterns to choose from! This is too good to be true. 3 bra shopping 4. Come to think of it, I already have too many bras at home. 5. But buying one more wouldn’t hurt anyone, no? 6. *Uff* Why do these sexy bras look so hot on these mannequins and the exact opposite on me? 6 bra shopping 7. Oh, sh*t! Why is that store lady coming towards me? 8. What? I can try out these bras before buying them? I had totally forgotten they let you do that! 9. Wait, why is she following me inside the changing room? 9 bra shopping 10. OMG! She’s going to take my measurement. 11. Do I really have to strip in front of a total stranger? 12. Well, this is awkward… 12 bra shopping 13. Hope she doesn’t take a mental picture of my boobs... 14. Okay, breathe... She’s just doing her job. 15. Wow, I’m actually a 32C instead of 34A? 15 bra shopping 16. What? Have I been wearing the wrong size ALL this while? Has my life been a lie? 17. What's with all these A’s and D’s anyway? Some kind of bra code or something?! 18. Whatever they mean, this bra makes makes my boobs look smokin’ hot! 18 bra shopping 19. This calls for a selfie! 20. Can’t wait to see my boyfriend’s reaction when he sees it. 21. That’s it, I’m picking this one up! 21 bra shopping 22. Are you serious? This one comes with a ‘buy 1, get 1 free’ offer? 23. THIS is the luckiest day of my life!
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Published on Feb 27, 2017
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