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12 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has Before Meeting *His* Parents!

12 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has Before Meeting *His* Parents!
Meeting your boyfriend’s parents is kind of a super huge deal for every girlfriend out there. It isn’t necessary that you think of it as meeting the future in-laws (that might just be jumping the gun) but even so, you’d naturally want it to go well. Here are a few thoughts every girl has before the meeting – don’t worry chicas, it’s totally normal and we’ve *all* been there!

1. What in the world do I wear?

Of course they’ll be judging me based on my clothes! I’d do it too if I was in their place!

2. Should I go with Indian or western?

I don’t want to look too ‘bahu’ though – know what I mean? 2 boyfriends parents

3. What if they don’t like me?

Well, I don’t see why they shouldn’t because I’m friggin’ delightful, but you can never be too sure!

4. Do they know that their son is serious about me?

He better have made it crystal clear. 4 boyfriends parents

5. I hope they don’t ask me too many questions!

I don’t perform well under pressure… At all!

6. What if they ask me about my future plans?

Should I talk about my career or marriage?! Or do they mean immediate future, like this evening? This is so unnerving! 6 boyfriends parents

7. I hope I get the right vibe from them!

After all, they could one day be my family. *Insert shy face here*

8. I better remember to keep my language clean...

We all know what a task that can be!
8 boyfriends parents

9. I tend to make way-too-many jokes when I’m nervous

I think Imma have to tone it down… Not too much though.  

10. I hope I don’t get tongue-tied

That will NOT be fun! *Shudders* 10 boyfriends parents

11. I hope my boyfriend has my back though

If you really think about it, this is a true test of our relationship...

12. Really hope it goes super smooth and without any hitches

I will either need alcohol or chocolate or a million kisses once this is over! 12 boyfriends parents GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr