thoughts brides have after their vidaai

16 Thoughts EVERY Bride Has Just After Her Vidaai! *Aww*

Neha Gupta

Guest Contributor

You know you are going to get married and move away soon, and yet your vidaai is the last thing on your mind. For now, dress trials, dance rehearsals and mad shopping consume all your time, and you haven’t really thought of any moment beyond the wedding. But reality finally kicks in when the celebrations come to an end and it’s time to bid farewell to your family and your old life. Here are 16 thoughts thoughts brides have after their vidaai.

1. Oh no. The car’s moving and I am going away, leaving behind everyone I love. Someone stop the car, I can’t do this. I don’t want to go!

2. *Tries hard to hold back her tears* How will I ever stay away from mum?

3. What’s this new route? This isn’t the way to my home. Oh wait, I am not going home. *Fresh bout of tears start*

3 thoughts brides have after their vidaai

4. Will everyone just stop asking me to stop crying? It’s only making me cry more. *Cries louder*

5. I like how Mr. husband is holding my hand and trying to half hug me, though.

6. Honestly, I never thought I’d cry so much. But everybody else started crying at the vidaai first, and now I can’t stop.

6 thoughts brides have after their vidaai

7. I am sure I am looking like a mess right now. Can I sneak a look at myself in the rear view mirror?

8. Oh my God, I can’t possibly have my suhaag raat in this state, though.

9. And who will help me take off these hundred bobby pins and two kilos of makeup?! Who can I ask?

9 thoughts brides have after their vidaai

10. I can’t do this. I miss my family, my home, my room, already! Can we rewind, just a bit, please?

11. From a bride-to-be to a married woman. That was quick! When did life change so much?

12. Here comes another silly joke from Mr. husband, trying to make me laugh… how sweet is he?!

12 thoughts brides have after their vidaai

13. *Reaches her in-laws’ home* Here we are. This is the place I am going to be spending the rest of my life in.*Tries to survey everything but is quickly whisked away*

14. If only there was one person from home, right now. I wouldn’t feel so… alone.

15. Can do no more rituals. Someone get me out of this lehenga and show me the bed, please.

15 thoughts brides have after their vidaai

16. Oh wait, did someone say pag phera? So, I’ll be going home tomorrow? Woohoo!!

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Published on Feb 23, 2017
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