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14 Things You’ll Totally Get If Your Hubby Is Your Best Friend!

14 Things You’ll Totally Get If Your Hubby Is Your Best Friend!
“I love all love stories, but ours is my favourite!” – If this one sentence echoes your thoughts completely, then chances are very high that you are privileged enough to be married to your best friend. You’ll totally relate to these things then if your husband is your best friend. *Sigh* Knock on wood, you lucky girl, you!

1. He’s always up for fun adventures with you.

You guys don’t want to be a boring, old married couple so you make sure there’s always something exciting happening next! 1 husband is your best friend

2. He’s very caring and totally knows how to handle you when you’re having a rough day.

There is no place for one-upmanship in your marriage. You both care for each other equally!

3. He’s your personal cheerleader.

It’s a marriage of equals and he is always rooting for you – sometimes from the sidelines too! 3 husband is your best friend

4. He knows just by looking at your face what mood you’re in.

Yeah, sometimes words aren’t even needed to communicate – he knows you just so well!

5. You guys bicker and argue at times...

But that is a mark of a healthy relationship. Besides, there’s always makeup sex. *Wink* 5 husband is your best friend

6. Sometimes it feels like you’re still in college and just living in with a roomie!

This is the best part! You get to be crazy and goofy at any hour of the day (or night).

7. He makes boring family functions so much more bearable...

Isn’t it great to have company when you really need it? 7 husband is your best friend

8. You two love each other but still maintain your individual personalities!

You cherish each other’s similarities as well as differences and that’s what makes your marriage so great.

9. The adjustment period is much more bearable.

Every new bride takes time to adjust to her new life. But with a best friend for a husband, it just becomes that much easier and simpler!
9 husband is your best friend

10. The surprises don’t stop!

It’s like you two are still in the dating phase and you love doing special things for each other.

11. He’s always got your back...

It’s so important for all married couples to stick up for each other over and above everyone else! 11 husband is your best friend

12. When people refer to marriage as a compromise, you don’t identify with that at all.

You chose this life with this special person and you friggin’ love it!

13. You both are very open to giving each other space...

And that, we suspect, is a very powerful secret ingredient to your successful marriage. 13 husband is your best friend

14. He’s your friend, confidant, and agony aunt rolled into one...

No matter what your day has been like, there’s nothing more special than coming home to the loving arms of your adorable husband! GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy