things you do not need to tell him

10 Things It’s OKAY To Not Tell Your Boyfriend (So Chill!)

Amrita Paul

Junior Lifestyle Editor

Your boyfriend might also be your best friend but it is completely fine for you to not want to share every detail of your life with him. And you don’t have to feel guilty about the fact that you are an adult with boundaries. Here are 10 things you do not need to tell him because it’s okay not to!

1. Keep crushes at bay

It’s okay to not tell your boyfriend that you have a crush on someone because really, it’s no biggie, and secondly it might just make him insecure! If it is someone unattainable like Fawad Khan, then, well, go ahead!

1 things you do not need to tell him

2. Your bank balance

Because it is something very personal and maybe you don’t need one more person telling you that you need to buy fewer clothes and save more.

3. Let bygones be bygones

You don’t owe him an explanation about your past. Even if he is insistent and later uncomfortable on knowing the truth, help him understand that your past is your past for a reason. You have let it go, and so should he.

3 things you do not need to tell him

4. BFF gossip

Something which might be of great interest to you and your girlfriends, might bore him completely. Even if you want him to feel included in your life, trust us, he doesn’t want in on any of your secrets.

5. About your insecurities

It is okay to not tell your boyfriend that you struggle with the same things that he loves about you. Your stomach is too pudgy, your nose is flat, your hair is brittle… The list goes on. But hopefully, his affection will also help you see yourself in a better light.

5 things you do not need to tell him

6. All things period

We know, our first instinct is to shout from the rooftops because the pain is so damn terrible. But maybe avoid going into great details about how your periods are the absolute worst?

7. Comparisons with your ex

It is best to avoid this one anyway because every person is different and your ex might have been better looking but don’t let that shadow your present relationship or your feelings for him.

7 things you do not need to tell him

8. Agenda for the day

Your boyfriend doesn’t need to be updated with minute details of your day - who are you meeting, what are you eating and so on. Talk to him about bigger things that are on your mind.

9. What you think of his mum

She might disapprove of you, and you of her, but this is not a battle you gotta fight. He is the person he is because of his parents.

9 things you do not need to tell him

10. BFF’s disapproval

It is your best friend’s job to be protective and look out for you and she could be of the opinion that you deserve better. Instead, nudge him to win her approval when you spend time together.

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Published on Feb 22, 2017
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