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10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Putting On Your Skin - EVER!

10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Putting On Your Skin - EVER!
Beauty hacks, tips and home remedies may play a huge role in your beauty regime, but, what if we told you that there are certain ingredients that just don’t agree with your skin? Yes girls, there are some things that can really damage your skin in the long run. Some of these are even commonly used in home remedies that have probably been recommended to you. We’ve all put a few of these on our face at some point of time. Here are 10 things to never put on your skin!

1. Sorry, Baking Soda!

1 things to never put on your skin Sure baking soda has an endless number of beauty benefits and may probably be even included in countless home remedies, however, it isn’t the safest when applied to your skin. Baking soda has high alkaline levels that could mess up the natural pH balance that could lead to dry skin, bitter rashes and breakouts. It’s best avoided, especially if you have sensitive skin.

2. Goodbye, Lipstick

Some say that when you’re out of blush, use lipstick to do the needful. While that hack works like a charm, it sadly does take a toll on your skin too. Since lipsticks are made from thick pigmented ingredients, these could clog your pores and you may have to deal with some pesky breakouts in the days to come.

3. Toothpaste For Your Teeth And NOT Your Skin

3 things to never put on your skin We’ve all heard that applying toothpaste on zits and dark spots can help shrink a zit, but is it really worth the damage it does to your skin? Just FYI, toothpaste contains harsh ingredients like peppermint, peroxide, alcohol and fragrances that could irritate your skin and leave it with chemical burns. You should try using tea tree oil instead! It’s gentle and safer on the skin.  

4. Alcohol Can Be Dangerous

Alcohol should only be applied to opens wounds as it disinfects skin. Using it to cleanse skin or remove makeup is a big NO-NO! Rubbing alcohol on your skin can dry it out and strip away its natural layer of oil. You know what happens when your skin lacks moisture, right? Hello, rough skin!

5. Vinegar Scores No Brownie Points

5 things to never put on your skin By now you must know that vinegar acts as the perfect natural skin toner. However, that only works if it’s not past its expiration date. If it’s been lying around in your house for a while, it could lose its water content and become a stronger liquid. Applying an expired vinegar solution could actually burn the outermost layer of your skin. Yikes!

6. Lemon Juice Doesn’t Make The Cut

Since lemons are highly acidic in nature, applying the juice directly to your skin can not just irritate it, but also disrupt your skin’s acidic mantel as well. In fact, lemons contain a chemical called psoralen that can be toxic to your skin if exposed to light. Chances are that you may experience rashes and blisters if you use lemon juice. Our advice, please dilute it before applying to your skin if you must.  

7. Forget About Using Hairspray… On Your Face!

7 things to never put on your skin Ladies, hairspray is meant for your hair and not the face. We know tonnes of beauty tutorials and tips suggest to give it a shot, but please don’t listen to them! They claim that it helps set your makeup, but in fact, it clogs your pores. Due to the alcohol content it in, your skin can also dry out or fall victim to breakouts. If you’re really looking for a spray product that helps set makeup, this one is a rockstar! Also, when you do spritz your mane with hairspray, be careful about not getting it on your face.

8. Hot Water Is Savage AF

If you’re under the impression that a hot water steam helps kill bacteria on the face, then you’re probably going to be in for a total surprise. More harm is done than good. You see, hot water strips the moisture from your skin causing it to dry out and leads to irritation, unwanted breakouts, rashes and itchy skin.

9. Sugar For The Bitter Good

9 things to never put on your skin Sure sugar acts like a fab exfoliator, but that’s only when you use it on your lips. You see, skin on the lips tends to be more resilient and tough as compared to your face. Since sugar particles are rough and sharp, they can cause micro-tears in the surface of your skin. This indirectly could give rise to redness, itching and inflammation.   

10. Stay Away From Hydrogen Peroxide

While it works as a mild antiseptic for small wounds and cuts, including it as an ingredient in home remedies may not be such a good idea. Applying the solution on a regular basis can not just burn your skin, but decrease your skin’s ability to heal and recover itself as well. Plus, it’s known to strip the oil and moisture from your skin. You don’t want to deal with that now, do you? Images: Shutterstock