10 Things EVERY Girl Should Know About The ‘G-Spot’

10 Things EVERY Girl Should Know About The ‘G-Spot’

One of the most debatable topics of all times - the G-spot, has had its legitimacy debated about for years now. If you haven’t personally figured out the spot, then let us tell you that this tiny erogenous zone can actually make you feel insane pleasures during lovemaking. While the debates may go on for years to come, we are sure you would love to know more about the area that may change your sex-life… Forever! Here are a few things we bet you didn’t know about the G-spot.

1. The clitoral orgasm is different from vaginal orgasm

Many girls don’t know this but, but orgasm can be of many different kinds. While a clitoral orgasm is achieved by touching or stimulating your clitoris, a vaginal orgasm could occur when your G-spot is stimulated. Know about G-spot 1

2. It’s named after a human being

Since it's actually a part of your body, you might as well know where it got its name from. The G- spot is named after the gynaecologist, Ernest Gräfenberg, who was the first one to write a paper titled The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm in 1950. Who knew even this had history attached to it?

3. It’s not a spot!

As the name suggests, most of us may assume that it’s a particular spot. Well, it’s not really a spot, but a sensitive area of the anterior wall of the vagina which is responsible for some ah-mazing pleasures during sexual intercourse.

4. Your G-spot gets bigger when stimulated

It is usually the size of a pea when a woman is not aroused but when she is sexually aroused, it can become twice its size. This is why foreplay is very important. Ladies, take note! know your G spot 4 res

5. Women too have prostate glands that secrete liquid

While ejaculation was rumoured to be something that only a man can go through, now we know of the existence of female ejaculation too. Women are said to ejaculate through stimulation of the G-spot. This is also called ‘squirting’ at times.

6. Best position to hit your G-spot

‘Woman on top’ is an absolute winner when it comes to the best sex position for feeling ultimate pleasure, according to many women. Even the slightest thrusting can help stimulate your G-spot and you have all the control over the position. You’re welcome!

7. Not all women know where it is

While many women might be aware of where a G-spot is, in theory, they are still not able to find theirs. Don’t fret ladies, because, it's not the only way of achieving an orgasm! And you might find your G-spot when you least expect to, as well. know your G spot 7 res

8. The ‘sacred spot’

According to Tantric sex, which is an ancient Hindu practice going on for over 5000 years, G-spot is considered to be the ‘sacred spot’ i.e. a woman’s emotional sexual spot.

9. Sometimes stimulating your G-spot can evoke the need to pee

Since the G-spot is close to the urethra, it can actually cause the urge to pee. It is a normal feeling and actually varies from person to person.

10. And then there are multiple orgasms…

You can experience multiple orgasms without as much effort if you (or your man) know exactly where your G-spot is. Yes! Sounds even more exciting now, doesn't it? know your G spot 10 GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr