10 FAB Tips To Help You Choose the perfect from a pool of Bridal Lipsticks!

10 FAB Tips To Help You Choose the perfect from a pool of Bridal Lipsticks!
Mattes or glosses? Nude finish or OTT tints? Picking the right lipstick(s) from a plethora of bridal lipsticks can be a really daunting task, especially when you have a million other things to worry about. While you may have your go-to lip colours for everyday wear and celebratory occasions, this occasion is like no other. We’ve put together a list of things to keep in mind when picking the perfect bridal lipsticks to complement your perfect wedding look!

1. Decide your outfit

One of the best bridal lipstick tips is to choose the outfit first and the lipstick later. Figure out your entire ensemble before you head out to buy your lipstick shade for the wedding day. Also, have a couple of alternative shades handy, just in case. 

2. The choice between heavy bridal lipsticks or glistening eye make up

2 bridal lipstick Once your outfit has been decided, it is time to make the choice between heavy eye makeup or bright bridal lipsticks. Make sure one of them belongs to the neutral palette to ensure that your makeup looks tastefully done.

3. If it doesn’t match your wedding outfit, then complement it

Your lip colour doesn’t have to match your outfit exactly. In fact, picking one of the bridal lipsticks that complement it, would work exceptionally well to bring out all the hues in your attire. Try, try till you succeed, because there is more than just one colour that would complement the colour of your wedding ensemble!

4. Matte or dewy?

4 bridal lipstick Would you prefer a softer look or a strong one? Accordingly, pick a dewy finish lipstick for the former and a matte finish for the latter. Another gem from the bridal lipstick tips is to keep in mind that mattes last way longer than creamy/ dewy finish lipsticks and are a great choice for long ceremonies. But, if matte lipsticks for brides seem too harsh for your taste, opt for a dewy/ creamy finish lipstick and make sure you prime and set it well to make it last.

5. Steer clear of shimmery lips

Shimmer tends to dry out your lips and settle in fine lines, making you look super tacky. Since your attire and jewellery is most likely quite heavy, skip the shimmer, so that it doesn’t look too OTT. If you really want to incorporate it into your makeup, stick to dabbing a shimmer lipstick in the centre of your lips to create an illusion of fuller lips.

6. Lip liners are so important

6 bridal lipstick We forget that lip liners are the make or break thing for a polished lip. They help defines your lips, create fullness and help the lipstick last way longer. DO NOT skip this step or else your lipstick could end up looking blotchy and shabbily done. 

7. Setting your lipstick is crucial

No matter how long-lasting a lipstick claims to be, it will most likely fall short of your wedding requirements. To boost the lasting power of any bridal lipstick, dab your lips with a tissue after applying one coat and dust them with some neutral setting powder. After that, apply a second coat of the lipstick. This works marvellously in sealing in the colour and making sure your lipstick doesn’t budge! There are a variety of bridal lipstick shades on the shelves, choose according to your venue setting.

8. Take the lighting into consideration

8 bridal lipstick This is as important as the actual colour of the lipstick itself. Because colours tend to show up differently under different types of light. When picking your wedding lipstick, try the shade on in lighting as close to how it will be on your wedding day. Keep in mind the time of the day of the occasion as well because certain colours that look great during the day tend to look washed out during the night, and certain bright colours tend to look too heavy for the day. 

9. Avoid glosses

The colour payoff isn’t great, neither is the coverage and it certainly doesn’t last long and are also likely to smudge! It may be great for a day-to-day look, but for your wedding day, we recommend you stick to actual bridal lipsticks shades! 

10. Your base makeup is crucial

10 bridal lipstick Another important point while choosing a lipstick for wedding is to try to balance out your lipstick with your overall base makeup. If you’ve opted for a shimmer/ dewy base makeup, choose mattes for your lip colour to make sure you don’t look like a shiny disco ball. If your base makeup is matte, choose a lipstick with a creamy/ dewy finish to make sure your makeup doesn’t look too harsh! Images: Shutterstock