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Dear Fiance, Let’s Do These 10 *Cute* Things Before The Shaadi!

Dear Fiance, Let’s Do These 10 *Cute* Things Before The Shaadi!
It is said that the period after your engagement and before the wedding, also known as the courtship period, is the best phase of life. And why won’t it be - you’re all set to marry your one true love and the wedding preps are so exciting to work on. However, what’s most important is to really bond with your soon-to-be husband. Amidst all the excitement and madness that comes along with wedding planning, we give you 10 things to do with your fiance to make this time all the more special.

1. Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

The courtship period is a short-lived, super-exciting time in your life which ain’t coming back! So it makes sense to arrange a romantic pre-wedding shoot and create memories that you can preserve as photographs for life! And if getting photographed professionally isn't your thing, then you can always get a friend to do the job for you! 1 things to do with your fiance

2. Romantic Long Drives

Good weather, good music and great conversation, long romantic drives will help you go a long way in establishing a rapport with your to-be-husband, therefore they’re a must! Don’t fix any destination or timeline for the drive and just set out, you two lovebirds!

3. Coffee Dates Are The Best

Because the best conversations happen over a cup of coffee. Get some warm and gooey cake alongside and you’re all set. 3 things to do with your fiance

4. Stay Up Till The Wee Hours And Chat Up

Talking to your fiancé over the phone, about your likes, dislikes, your deepest darkest secrets and share with him all the things that make you, you.  It’s a great chance to get closer to him and to know him better.

5. Compliment Him Every Now And Then

And say it like you mean it. Knowing that you find him hot, or that he smells SO good or that you’re falling head-over-heels in love with him, will make him absolutely ecstatic! And to break it down for you, a happy fiancé equals a happy courtship period. Ladies, this way he is bound to shower you with compliments too.
5. things to do with your fiance

6. Introduce Him To Your Girl Gang

Make your sweetheart meet your girl gang and plan a night out together. Let your friends meet and befriend the man you have chosen to marry, and allow your fiancé to see what a wonderful lot these girls who you call your besties are.

7. A Dash Of Naughty And Cheesy Goes A Long Way

Be a little naughty and drop him sexy texts and kiss emojis every now and then, or go out together to watch the cheesiest romantic film and bask in the glory of the budding romance between him and you! 7 things to do with your fiance

8. Bond Over Wedding Preparations

Wedding preparations can be stressful and time-consuming, so why not make them fun by getting wedding work done together with your fiancé. You’ll get to spend more time with him and more time together usually means more bonding. Besides, this way you get to know about his taste as well. Win-win!

9. Surprise Him

Whether it’s taking an initiative to plan a date night, cooking dinner for him or sending over a small gift (like a collage of photographs taken together or his favourite chocolates). Surprise him when he least expects it and trust us, he will surely reciprocate the love. *Wink* 9 things to do with your fiance

10. Get To Know His Fam Bam

The fact that you’re marrying this man means that you’ll be spending your entire future with him and his family. So take out some time during the engagement period to get to know his world better and create a good equation with them all!
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