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10 Ways On How To Satisfy A Man In Bed!!

10 Ways On How To Satisfy A Man In Bed!!

Looking for ways to turn up the heat between the sheets? Experimenting in bed is probably one of the best ways to turn him on. Here are 10 things to do in bed to turn him on right away! 

Ways to turn him on #1- Touch yourself

Yes, what turns guys on is when they see their girl pleasuring herself - it turns them on like crazy! And you probably know what’s going to happen after.

Ways to turn him on #2- Put on a strip show

Undoubtedly the sexiest things to turn him on. Of course, nothing starts without it getting hot and horny, right? He’ll probably never say it but he will love it if you give him one. 

Ways to turn him on #3- Sexy dance with him

Got some moves? Put on that sexy lingerie you’ve been hiding in your closet and sway as you slay. One of the best things to turn him on!

Ways to turn him on #4- Try ear kissing

Nibble it, bite it and suck it. Nothing turns on a man more than when you’re kissing his ear…Especially when he’s least expecting it! ear kissing  

Ways to turn him on #5- Blindfold him

.... And do it when he’s least expecting you to change things up! He will not only love you for this, but will get SO turned on

Ways to turn him on #6- Give him a lingering kiss

Tease him a little by giving him a soft, slow kiss - and stop right there. Doing this will definitely turn him on and leave him wanting for more. 3

Ways to turn him on #7-Rub your naked body against his

When you wake up next to him, slowly and casually, glide your body against his. It’ll be the best thing to turn him on

Ways to turn him on #8- Give him a massage

Candlelight, some sweet-scented aroma oil, and his naked body - the perfect formula to what turns guys on.

Ways to turn him on #9- Give him an (almost) blowjob

Picture this: You’re fondling him, you almost go down on him and come back up, kissing him everywhere. It’ll drive him crazy and absolutely turn him on

Ways to turn him on #10- Tie him up

Guys get so turned on when you do this in bed. Because he wants you to get kinky in bed!
Published on Feb 22, 2017
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