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17 Things That Make You *More* Beautiful Than Makeup Ever Can!

Priyanka Ghura

Beauty Editor

Girls, sure we love our makeup, but you don’t need layers of it to make you feel beautiful. When you strip away the foundation and mascara, you’re so gorgeous in your own way. Here are a few little things that make you more beautiful than makeup ever can. Put down that makeup brush and be confident in your own skin!

1. Drinking Water All The Time

All day. Every day!

2. Spending Time In The Sun

2 things that make you more beautiful

That natural glow you get after a beach vacay or spending a fun day out - after applying plenty of sunscreen, of course!

3. Getting Enough Sleep

Make sure you treat your body to a good night's rest, it really makes all the difference.

4. Wearing More Red

4 things that make you more beautiful

You really do look sexier in red! Sport a pretty red dress or top to not only brighten your mood but also help you feel amazing.

5. Smiling. A Lot.

Happy girls really are the prettiest!

6. Treating Yourself With Respect

6 things that make you more beautiful

And plenty of love and care.

7. Taking Luxurious Showers

Nothing beats a nice, lengthy shower after a long day.

8. Pulling Your Hair Up In A Messy Bun

8 things that make you more beautiful

And giving zero f*cks!

9. Not Letting Bad Posture Bring You Down

No matter what you’re wearing, good posture will instantly make you look more attractive. So square those shoulders, straighten your back and push that chest out!

10. Eating Good Food

10 things that make you more beautiful

Putting healthy food in your body - well, most of the time!

11. Pampering Yourself

Whether it’s treating yourself to a nice massage, some retail therapy or a fun vacay - whatever makes you happy.

12. Telling Yourself You’re Beautiful Everyday

12 things that make you more beautiful

Even when you don’t completely believe it!

13. Surrounding Yourself With Good People

People who care about you, make you feel good, who challenge you and make you feel loved.

14. Dressing In What Makes You Feel Comfortable

14 things that make you more beautiful

You’re not obligated to wear anything you don’t want to. #JeansAndSneakersForLife

15. Taking Clearer Selfies

Blurry photos only make you look dull. Stand tall and hold still when clicking those selfies!

16. Working It Out

16 things that make you more beautiful

Exercise! Not to reach an unrealistic size, but to help you feel good and stay healthy. Plus, the natural glow it brings to your skin doesn’t hurt.

17. Confidence Is Your Most Attractive Accessory

Don’t dwell on your flaws and focus on what you love about yourself. Confidence is what makes you more attractive than makeup ever can!

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Published on Feb 13, 2017
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