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12 Things About The First Year Of Marriage That Are SO True!

12 Things About The First Year Of Marriage That Are SO True!
Being married is a beautiful feeling. The first year of marriage is a change which includes everything good, strange, crazy, funny and normal. In this year, the couple creates a special bond with each other which lasts them a lifetime. Here are a few things every couple will relate to if it’s their first year of marriage.

1. Never-ending social obligations

Your weekends are now dedicated to relatives and friends, as everyone (it seems) wants to invite the two of you for lunches and dinners to ‘get to know the newest entrant into the family’. 1 first year of marriage

2. Washroom sharing issues

You both start realising that sharing a bathroom with a person from the opposite sex is not that easy!

3. You are the ‘nayi bahu’

You might have been married for 11 months now ,but you still remain the ‘nayi bahu’ of the house in the first year of your marriage! And not to forget, you need to continuously be dressed up for the part too! 3 first year of marriage

4. Ticking the married box

Even when you were dating each other (if you had a love marriage), you always ticked the ‘single’ box in forms and applications. But now, you have to tick the ‘married’ box and this will take some time to really sink in.

5. The quintessential ‘how’s married life’ question

Everyone who you meet cannot get over asking questions about how your married life is treating you. And all you can do is, remain calm and patient, and answer all the repetitive questions with a smile. 5 first year of marriage

6. And questions on babies too

You will, in all probability, face this question as soon as you return from your honeymoon. The grannies of the house cannot wait any longer. They want the ‘good news’ ASAP!

7. No more ‘singles only’ parties for you

It is automatically assumed by your friends that now you won’t want to come for a ‘singles only’ party. Like, even if you and your husband encourage each other to have your nights out with your gang, your friends might not think the same. It might take you the first year of the shaadi to come to terms with this.
7 first year of marriage

8. Welcome to the ‘married people club’

It will also take you some time to get used to going to parties and dinners with other couples, having couple-y conversations and discussing each other’s married life.

9. Joint accounts will be a new learning

Opening a joint bank account and discussing money matters will be difficult and confusing for the both of you in the first year. But slowly, you both will get the hang of it and will be comfortable with discussing finances openly. 9 first year of marriage

10. Your new signature will seem strange

For so many years, you have been signing on every paper with your maiden name, and now you have a new surname! No matter how many hours you spend doodling your new name, your new signature will seem odd to you.

11. On some days, you will need to pinch yourself

The realisation of you being married will hit you every now and then! And often, you will need to pinch yourself and be reminded that you are actually married! 11 first year of marriage

12. You cannot wait for the first anniversary

You both cannot wait to complete your first year of marriage and celebrate your first anniversary. You are eagerly waiting to celebrate the big day when you both tied the knot.
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