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20 Things You’re TOO Old To Be Doing In Your 20s!

20 Things You’re TOO Old To Be Doing In Your 20s!
20s is a tough decade. It takes us through a roller coaster of emotions. From entering adulthood, reaching quarter life to finally saying goodbye to all immaturities… It takes patience and a lot of deep breaths to get through this decade. There are some habits and beliefs, however, that are better shed off while you are a teen. Here are 20 things not to do in your 20s, because you are just too old for this stuff!

1. Cribbing but not changing

Whining is a much-needed exercise sometimes. It gets us through the day without screaming at the people around. However, 20s is not your age to keep cribbing because this is when you can make the changes you want to see in your life. So, stop cribbing and start changing!

2. Never putting family first

You have to realise the importance of family. By family, we don’t just mean people you share a blood relationship with, but also people who make you feel loved and cared for; people you can call your own. And the one mistake we all make in our 20s is to always put them at the end of our priority list. Truth is, they’ll be the only ones by your side when the going gets too tough.

3. Hiding your emotions

You have probably spent all of your teenage years not telling that crush how you actually feel or felt about them. But now, it’s time to put all that behind you. Realise that hiding your emotions leads you nowhere. Say it out as it is - whether it’s love, anger or hurt.

4. Craving approval

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel validated for your work. However, when this validation becomes your only driving force to do the work, it is hazardous to both your professional and personal life. So instead of focusing on pleasing someone, please your work.

5. Not saving money

Yes, money should never be the sole motive of your life. However, thinking that saving money is a task left for old age is a silly mistake most of us make. Your 20s is when you can make the most sacrifices and survive them with the same passion. So put a part of that money in the bank for a rainy day, instead. 5 things not to do in your 20s

6. Expecting life to be fair

If you think justice is something that runs the world, then you’re wrong. Happy endings come in phases and as much as we’d like to believe it, life is not fair. However, learn to be happy through both the fair and unfair share of your life.

7. Letting other people take credit for your work

You’re a grown up now. You put effort into your work and nobody should take that away from you. Don’t let other people walk over you just because you are a 20-year-old. You have all the right to claim your work as your own, no matter what others say.

8. Considering other people ‘luckier’

This applies to life in general. The grass always seems to be greener on the other side. However, once you cross over, you’ll notice that, that side has just as many weeds. Don’t think someone is lucky just because they drive a better car than you or have a bigger house, there is always a flipside to the coin.

9. Turning all your wants into needs

There are some things you want in life and then there are needs. Learn the difference between the two. This knowledge will come handy whenever you have to take a tough decision in life.

10. Hating your body

Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t hate your body. Be comfortable in your own skin and if you think you need to be fitter, work towards it. Not because someone told you but because your body and your health are your responsibility. 10 things not to do in your 20s

11. Blaming other people in your life

Not everything that happens in your life is someone else’s fault. This is a lesson you don’t need to learn the hard way. In fact, it is much better when you learn to take the blame for things instead of always finding a scapegoat.

12. Holding on to toxic people

Never ever surround yourself with people who say “can’t” more than “can”. People who find a sadistic joy in bringing you down rather than pushing you forward, they’re not true friends. Cut them out as soon as you realise this fact.

13. Not setting realistic goals

Unless you win a lottery (which let’s admit, only happens in the movies), you’re not going to be a millionaire overnight. Not that we’re saying you can’t be one but even earning money is no monkey business. Set realistic goals for yourself; something that pushes you but is achievable.

14. Resisting change

Every year, you’ll notice something changing in your life. People will leave, new friends will enter and it might just change your perspective about things. Don’t resist this change, even when it leaves you a little broken. It’s just a part of growing up!

15. Keeping your emotions at bay

In our 20s, we’re ruthless. We hurt the people we love, we let our tensions float away from us along with the smoke from our cigarette. But, being emotionless is not the best way to go about it. Share your emotions with the people who care for you, even when it leaves you vulnerable. That’s how you go about it. 15 things not to do in your 20s

16. Winning every argument you ever have

Learning to agree to disagree is a different level of maturity altogether. All our lives, we’ve been told to put our opinions out there and not budge if we think we’re right. It’s okay for two people to not have exactly the same views about something. Accept it and move on.

17. Regretting the past

It’s the past for a reason. You may or may not have made mistakes but there is no point regretting it. Just make the necessary amends or simply forget about what’s gone but whatever you do, don’t ruin your present because of it.

18. Putting things off

The ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ excuse is something that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. If you can’t do it today, chances are you probably wouldn’t want to do it tomorrow either. Yes, procrastination happens to the best of us but when you keep putting things off, you never really get any work done at all!

19. Believing you need a break every other day

Stop cutting yourself slack that you don’t need. You don’t need a blue sky holiday until you have survived the stormy skies first. There is a difference between stress-bursters and simply lavish activities.

20. Not caring about things because you only live once

YOLO is not real, guys! It’s true that we only live once, which is all the more reason to value every breath that we take. To not be irresponsible and see YOLO for more than the youth anthem that it has turned into. 20 things not to do in your 20s GIFs: Giphy