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10 Things Nobody EVER Told You About Being In A Relationship!

10 Things Nobody EVER Told You About Being In A Relationship!
Relationships can be tricky. Sometimes they're easy-breezy, and other times, the toughest challenge you’ll ever face. In your 20s and beyond, as you step into the world of love and heartbreak, here are 10 things nobody tells you about relationships - but you still need to know them!

1. Happiness comes in phases

We have all been brought up with the idea that finding love brings a kind of stable happiness in our lives that will stay with us until the end of time. That’s not entirely true. You do find a different kind of happiness but it doesn’t always stay so stable. Happiness in any relationship comes in phases and that’s a good thing! Happiness and sadness need to balance each other out in life and in love.

2. Reciprocation is important

One person can never, alone, give enough love for two. So reciprocation of love, emotions and gestures is the key element of any relationship. 2 things nobody tells you about relationships

3. Relationships aren’t like the movies

Despite what Bollywood, Hollywood or even Tollywood might show, relationships aren’t all that extravagant in real life. Or, at least, they don’t have to be! Sometimes the simplest moments can be the most cherished ones.

4. Sometimes you have to do things you are not too keen about

You don’t always get your way in a relationship. Sometimes, you have to give in and do something just because it will make your partner just the tiniest bit happier. The good thing is that you know your partner would do the same for you without any second thoughts! 4 things nobody tells you about relationships

5. You don’t need to completely know each other

The idea that you need to know absolutely everything about the person you are dating is quite old-fashioned in this day and age. Think about it - if you know everything from the first day onwards, then what are you really looking forward to? It’s always fun to find something new about your partner through random conversations and discover them all over again!

6. You can love someone more and more each day

Despite the troubles you will face in your relationship, it is possible to love your partner more with each passing day. Even though, you might not realize it often enough, your love for them will continue to grow bigger and better.
6 things nobody tells you about relationships

7. But alone time is very important

Never take ‘me-time’ for granted. It is extremely important to get some time alone, with just yourself or your friends, away from your partner for the relationship to prosper. Remember - twice as much ain’t really twice as good.

8. Emotional attachment is scary at first

Getting into a relationship is scary. There’s no point hiding it and you will find yourself wondering if you can actually open yourself up to this new person... Don’t worry, it is only human to feel this way. Give it a shot if you have even one percent of surety and see where it goes! Love can really surprise you. 8 things nobody tells you about relationships

9. Your relationship won’t always help you figure out life

Your relationship is a part of your life, not the other way around. Finding love, unfortunately, is not always the ultimate answer we’re all looking for. And that’s okay because at least you’re a little closer to figuring out life.

10. But it will give you a someone to lean on...

...And isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Just someone to tell us they’re there, through good times and bad. 10 things nobody tells you about relationships GIFs: Giphy