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10 Things *He* Is Looking Forward To On The Wedding Night!

10 Things *He* Is Looking Forward To On The Wedding Night!
The wedding night is one of the most highly anticipated nights of his life! He’s thought about it a *lot* of times and might even be as nervous as you. All we know is, he wants it to be special just like you do and is definitely looking forward to the following things!

1. Let’s just say it – SEX! And lots of it...

Abhi abhi toh license mila hai! 1 wedding night

2. Having a chilled beer with his new life partner

Now that the wedding is over, he’s in relax-mode and can’t wait for the rest of your lives to begin!

3. Seeing you in that new lingerie set you not-so-subtly brought up in conversation!

Mr Husband can’t wait for the visual treat and we can’t blame him! 3 wedding night

4. Holding you in his arms and letting it all sink in...

Guys can be emotional too; this is as big a life change for him as it is for you!

5. Talking!

Hell ya, why not? If you’re lucky enough to marry your best friend you’ll realize that the two of you can’t wait for the wedding to end so you two can finally catch up – in more ways than one! 5 wedding night

6. Just sitting with you in silence...

This is definitely more romantic than it sounds! Who doesn’t want a few moments of solitude after the mayhem of a big fat Indian wedding?!

7. A good night’s sleep filled with the warmest cuddles.

You two need *this* more than anything else! 7 wedding night

8. A striptease...

If you’re adventurous enough to perform one for him, he’ll be eternally indebted to you – we can almost guarantee.

9. A hot shower with you!

The two of you can wipe off all the fatigue of the last few days, and start the foreplay in the cleanest way possible – now doesn’t that sound like a neat idea?
9 wedding night

10. Unabashed love making

This may be the first time there’s no one to disturb you two while you do whatever it is that pleases you under the sheets. You two could indulge in anything from kissing to making out to sex but this night will be etched in your memory for the rest of your life – so make the most of it. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr