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11 Things ONLY Girls Who’ve Made Out In A Car Will Get!

11 Things ONLY Girls Who’ve Made Out In A Car Will Get!
Kudos to you for having the courage to lock lips in the car! You’re a risk taker who loves a good adventure filled ‘ride’... If you know what we mean. The thrill of getting dirty in a car is different from all the other make out sessions you have with your boyfriend. Given a chance, we bet you’d try doing it again. Here are 11 things every girl who has made out in a car will get.

1. The smaller the car, the cosier it gets

Because you get to kuchikoo that much more and being on his lap is the best feeling ever! *Wink*

2. You constantly worry about someone knocking at the window pane

And you feel really badass when you get away with it. 2 made out in a car

3. No matter how intense it gets… Half your attention will always be on the accelerator

Just in case anyone catches you both, you can always zoom away!

4. You’ve experimented with different seats and positions

But the backseat is your favourite. 4 made out in a car

5. The thrill of getting caught in a naughty act is a major turn-on

Coz’ you feel like you’ve outsmarted the cops and the neighbouring aunty.

6. You’ve bumped your head a zillion times and even noticed some minor bruises the next day

Well, you knew this would happen. Everything has pros and cons. 6 made out in a car

7. There’s something sexy about listening to the radio while making out

All in the name of ‘Cheap thrills’.

8. You always lock your phone and make sure it’s on silent

You know... Calls from your parents can be instant mood killers.
8 made out in a car

9. Admit it! Making out in the car has always secretly been on your naughty checklist.

And now that you have managed to tick it off... Woohoo!

10. That awkward moment when you try to help him remove his shirt and your arm hits the horn by mistake

Facepalm after facepalm. Cross your fingers that you didn’t wake up the neighbours. *Yikes* 10 made out in a car

11. You get a mini heart attack every time you hear a car honk or see a flash of light

You certainly don’t want to be making the headlines the next day. GIFs: Tumblr