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10 Things Every Girl *Secretly* Wants To Do With Her Guy!

10 Things Every Girl *Secretly* Wants To Do With Her Guy!

Every girl has secrets. These are the things that we discuss with our besties - and sometimes not even with them because they’re that wild. Let’s just say, when a girl is in love, there are certain things she likes. We’ve listed out 10 things every girl wants to do to her guy, secretly!

1. Act like a kid in front of him

We wish that we can be at our silliest best when we’re with our significant other. We want to act cranky just to know that they’ll handle it. You know what we mean, right? 1 things every girl wants to do to her guy

2. Try dirty talk

It may not seem like it - but it’s something we’d like to experiment with. Not only to amp up the fun between the sheets but to also keep him coming back for more. *Wink*

3. Send naughty messages in the middle of the day

The smirk on his face when he reads something naughty in the middle of a work day? We absolutely love being the reason for it!

4. Go on endless getaways

We always want to spend alone time with him. And no matter how much time we get, we always want more. We’re perpetually looking for reasons to go on weekend getaways with him, just to spend some quality time. And we all love waking up next to him! 4 things every girl wants to do to her guy

5. Call him by mushy names

No matter how old we’ve grown, we’re never too old to use the words ‘baby’ and ‘cutie’. This is surely that one thing we never want to stop doing!

6. Use edible items during sex

We want to make sure that each time is the best time - and we love to experiment! Some days, we want to use chocolate sauce or whipped cream just to make it more delicious!

7. Experiment with sex positions

Physical intimacy is the best way to keep the fire burning in a relationship! Every girl wants to secretly experiment with new positions, role play and much more. #SorryNotGuilty 7 things every girl wants to do to her guy

8. Give him a day off from ‘us’

We genuinely believe that every relationship works well if there is space between the two people. Especially when two people are absolutely in love. It keeps the spark alive!

9. Take him out on a date

We love to pamper him by planning out a special date. Whether it’s pizza and beer, or a fancy dinner, we love making him feel special!

10. We love to appreciate him

We may argue and disagree on a lot of things but no matter what happens, we want him to know that he’ll always be our superhero! 10 things every girl wants to do to her guy GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

Published on Feb 17, 2017
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