things dusky girls are tired of hearing

10 Things EVERY Girl With A ‘Dark Complexion’ Hates Hearing!

Neha Gupta

Guest Contributor

Dark is just as lovely as fair is. But not everyone seems to think so. In fact, if you’re dark skinned, you must have suffered thanks to the ‘advice’ from relatives and random strangers to help cure you of your complexion. Here are 10 such things dusky girls are tired of hearing. Dear society, can we please worry about relevant things, instead?

1. “You know, you’ve got some good features there. If only your dark complexion didn’t hide them away...”

Just like your poor choice of words hides your seemingly well-meaning intention?

1 things dusky girls are tired of hearing

2. “Please don’t buy yellows and pinks. You look darker in them.”

I reeeeally don’t see how that’s a problem. *Hordes up everything yellow and pink*

3. “You should get facials done more often. It will lighten up your dull skin.”

Did you just say dull? You gotta rub them glasses that missed this chocolate brown shine comin’ right at ya!

3 things dusky girls are tired of hearing

4. “Don’t go out in the sun, you’ll tan yourself bad and become even more dark.”

It’s better than going out and infecting the world with bad advice, no?

5. “Why are your knuckles darker than the rest of your hands?”

That’s the beauty of my color. Don’t you see?

5 things dusky girls are tired of hearing

6. “How did she manage to catch such a fair boy?”

‘Coz he doesn't live by your standards of beauty. And what makes you think he wasn't the one who caught me?!

7. “You’ve gotta bleach your face. It’ll make you look at least a shade lighter.”

Your efforts to make the world a fairer place, one shade at a time, really do amaze me.

7 things dusky girls are tired of hearing

8. “Gold jewellery makes you look like a South Indian.”

And saying this makes you a racist. Ever thought about that?

9. “Everybody wants a slim and fair bride. That’s just how it is, you know…”

No, that’s not how it is, but it’s sad that that’s the only reality you know…

9 things dusky girls are tired of hearing

10. “Oh, wow. You look fair today and… beautiful.”

I am beautiful. Looking fair or dark has nothing to do with it!

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Published on Feb 22, 2017
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