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11 WTF Things All Brides Hear Just Before The Shaadi!

11 WTF Things All Brides Hear Just Before The Shaadi!
Brides, we know that wedding preparations can be as tedious as they are exciting. On top of that, every bride is flooded with a million questions and remarks by friends, family and relatives that provoke the bridezilla in her. So, whether you’re the bride or the bestie/ relative of a to-be bride, this is for you. Read on to know about all the things brides are tired of hearing and their response to each of them.

1. As much as you like drinking, please don’t drink at your own wedding.

Bride’s Response: But my love for sangria > your advice. Thanks, but no thanks, aunty. 1 things brides are tired of hearing

2. Thanks for inviting me, but will I know anyone at the wedding?

Bride’s Response: You’re welcome.

3. Are you excited?

Bride’s Response: Well, that’s just one of the countless things I’m feeling!

4. Let me get you in touch with some awesome wedding planners and choreographers.

Bride’s Response: For further questions and suggestions regarding wedding preparations, please contact my parents/ bestie. 4 things brides are tired of hearing

5. What are your plans after marriage?

Bride’s Response: What do you mean by plans? Life will go on as usual but with a dash of romance and a loving partner to share it with. Yay!

6. Tell us what your love story is like.

Bride’s Response: If got a dollar for every single time someone asked me that question and I repeated that story!

7. When does the pre-wedding beauty regime and crash diet begin?

Bride’s Response: It’s not the Miss Universe beauty pageant. It’s my special day and I just wish to be myself. 7 things brides are tired of hearing

8. Have you started taking cooking classes yet, sweetie?

Bride’s Response: Because woe and betide a bride doesn't know how to cook! *slow caps*

9. Behave like a traditional Indian bride and make sure you greet all the elders properly.

Bride’s Response: Oh yes! I’ll make sure my namaste and pai lagu etiquette is on point.

10. Don’t forget to smile always, the bride must look happy

Bride’s Response: Quick question - am I allowed to sneeze?! 10 things brides are tired of hearing

11. So, all set for the wedding night? *smiles sheepishly*

Bride’s response: You shall get a circular with all the deets the morning after, aunty, don’t you worry! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr