10 Things About ‘Dating’ ONLY Indian Girls Will Get!

10 Things About ‘Dating’ ONLY Indian Girls Will Get!

Mentioning the term ‘Dating’ in India evokes the same reaction as mentioning ‘Voldemort’ in Hogwarts would. We may have landed on the moon and all that jazz but ‘dating’ is still considered a taboo. Nevertheless, we, like normal people around the world, go on dates. But it ain’t that simple... Here are a few things about dating every Indian girl will relate to!

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1. The word ‘dating’ makes all the auntyjis and unclejis go ‘hawww’!

Because how dare you get to know a guy before taking 7 pheras with him and awkwardly waiting for him on the bed on your wedding night?! 1 Dating in india

2. Going on a date feels like a covert spy mission!

You know better than to go to a cafe or a restaurant within 5kms of your home or the workplace of either of your parents!

3. Your boyfriend’s number in your phone is inevitably saved under a girl’s name!

Karan becomes Karuna, Shivansh becomes Shivani and Aditya becomes Aditi! Story of our lives! 3 dating in India

4. While the world celebrates Valentine’s Day on 14th February, you celebrate it on 12th Feb or 16th Feb!

Because you can't be too obvious about it, na? Also, if you tell your mom you are going ‘out’ she is going to assume you are going on a date.

5. You know every single privacy setting on every social networking website…

Because you are using every single one of them! 5 dating in India

6. Your boyfriend’s friends call you ‘bhabi’.

Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever!

7. Everyone seems to be concerned whether or not you are keeping ‘Karwachauth ka vrat’.

And that's why you cannot leave home without having breakfast OR wear a salwaar kameez that day. Because then every one is gonna think that you have kept the ‘vrat’! 7 dating in India

8. Your room has a hiding place for all the gifts and cards your boyfriend has ever given you!

And every time your mom warns you that she is going to clean your room, you make sure you run like a ninja and clean it yourself before she can set foot into your room!

9. The ‘So... What base are you at?’ seems to be the most common question in the universe!

And you'll be standing there thinking, ‘Excuse me? When did I promise to print a tabloid about my romantic life?’ 9 dating in India

10. And if by chance your parents do not get a panic attack when they find out you have a boyfriend, their next question always is…

‘Is it serious, beta? When are you planning to get married?’ GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr