11 Tips For The Girl Who Wants To Send Her Guy *Sexy* Texts!

11 Tips For The Girl Who Wants To Send Her Guy *Sexy* Texts!

Admit it girls - sexting is so much fun! It is a great way to keep the sexual chemistry fiery even when you’re not in the same room as your significant other. If you’re looking for some tips to make sure you do it right, here’s your ultimate guide to sexting!

1. Send it to the right person…

Fumbling on this one can put you in an extremely tricky situation! How many times have we actually sent a message to the wrong person? Well, you can’t mess up when you’re sending a sext - so always double check who the recipient is. ultimate guide to sexting 1

2. Think about what you would like to read

Don’t just think about what might please him. Instead, think about what you would like to do. The key to having a lot of fun while sexting is letting your thoughts flow in all directions.

3. Read your message twice before pressing ‘send’

No matter how ‘excited’ you are, re-read your message. Nothing ruins the mood quicker than bad grammar. ultimate guide to sexting 3

4. Keep it confidential

Respect the other person’s privacy. You should know that the person who is sexting you trusts you a lot. Be kind enough to keep the messages private even if the relationship goes sour later.

5. Turn off autocorrect

You might just want to turn off autocorrect for a free flow of text messages. Also because no one wants to come and ‘duck you’ in the pool. If you know what we mean? *Wink* ultimate guide to sexting 5

6. Don’t be shy

The best thing about sexting is that it is all about fantasies. So you might as well let your imagination run wild. Don’t be afraid to write what you feel in the spur of the moment. You might just get the confidence to do it in person.

7. Keep it short, silly!

Remember, this is not an essay writing competition and you most certainly don’t have to win. You want to keep the person interested in the conversation so don’t test their patience by sending them long sexts. Keep it short by sending one or two racy lines. ultimate guide to sexting 7

8. Turn off the notification preview, please?

Picture this - you’re at work and your boss is with you working on an important presentation when you receive an explicit text message. Boom! Now you both don’t know how to move past that extremely awkward moment.

9. Know when (and how) to end it

While the beauty of sexting is in its spontaneity, ending a virtual sext session can be a bit tricky. Find a way to finish it in a way that doesn’t seem too abrupt. The best thing to do is to end the conversation with a kinky promise. Any guy would love that! ultimate guide to sexting 9

10. Don’t use too many abbreviations

Let’s face it girls, sending too many abbreviations won’t help your cause. It’s not a lot of fun to solve puzzles when you’re trying to get someone in a sexy mood.

11. Be careful!

The most important rule is to only sext the person you really trust. Also, don’t keep those messages in your phone for too long. If you’re the kind who likes to re-read old text messages, then listen to this carefully - Abort Mission, right now! It’s too personal and sensitive to be taken lightly. ultimate guide to sexting 11 GIFs: Giphy