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The First Time I Went *Skinny Dipping* With Him!

The First Time I Went *Skinny Dipping* With Him!
I had just gotten out of a relationship and wasn’t looking to get into a new one anytime soon. My ex had moved to Australia for further studies and found someone else out there. I was left heartbroken but I was determined to move past this. But the screw up about dating someone for six years is that you can’t instantly wipe off their memories... Their memories haunt you practically all the time!
Prachi, my best friend, knew of my recent heartbreak and wanted me to snap out of it ASAP. She took me out for regular coffee dates, bought me presents for no reason and surprised me with movie tickets and cupcakes from time to time. She did everything in her capacity to bring me out of that state of mind. Yet, I felt a bit hollow within. Her birthday was just around the corner and she was hosting a party at this cute bungalow at Gorai beach. A beach party invitation was too tempting to turn down. Initially, I was in two minds about attending, but she’s my best friend so I finally decide that I just had to be there! The bungalow was bang opposite the beach. It had a swimming pool and a barbeque area. The moment I reached the place, I started bumping into so many unfamiliar faces. However, after a few rounds of drinks, everyone got pally with each other. There was this one guy at the party who I just couldn’t stop staring at. Our eyes met and even though we didn’t talk to each other, it felt as if we were already having a deep conversation. Internal skinny dipping But our intense connection got interrupted when Prachi decided to drag me to the dance floor. The night was young and music kept us on our feet all night. One of her friends suggested that since the beach is nearby, we should go for a long walk. It was 3 am and pitch dark. The thrill of walking alone on the cold sand and hearing the gentle sound of the waves was out of this world!
And then guess who ended up joining us? That cute guy my eyes had spotted at the party. He came up to me while I was walking and started casually talking to me. Now that I think of it, the situation wasn’t even one bit awkward. In fact, I enjoyed his company so much that I didn't even notice it was just the two of us who were walking. We lost track of our friends and we were too tipsy to check up on them The dark night, full moon and his hand intertwined with mine... He turned to me and asked me what was the most adventurous thing that I had done. I instantly said bungy jumping. He smirked and asked me if I had ever tried skinny dipping. I was taken aback… First of, this guy was kind of a stranger and second of all, I was embarrassed of the idea. When I said no, he looked at me straight in the eye and told me, ‘Good, this is going to be your first time…’ I mean, I was not in a relationship, I was in the company of a hot guy and was slightly tipsy - the vibe was just right. I took off my clothes, helped him unbutton his shirt and both of us ran towards the waves. Cold, shivering and scared, I felt his hands on my hips and his stubble on my neck.
At that time, in that place, nothing mattered. I wanted to be with him. I pulled his face closer and kissed his lips. We found love in each others arms that night and I got to know his name only the morning after. It was that magical night that brought us together. We've been dating ever since! Come to think of it, I’m happy things didn’t work out with my ex and me. This guy is gold. My studmuffin for life! *Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock