The First Time I Wore Lingerie… Made Out Of Candy!! | POPxo
The First Time I Wore Lingerie… Made Out Of Candy!!

The First Time I Wore Lingerie… Made Out Of Candy!!

One of the main reasons I love visiting Thailand is because of its gorgeous beaches, exotic food and, of course, kinky lingerie. From sex toys to skimpy thongs, Bangkok never fails to surprise me. Like the first time I picked up edible lingerie from one of its street markets... Truth be told, when compared to my boyfriend, I’m much more of adventure freak in bed. I like dressing up for him, doing a striptease and experimenting with new things. I’ve toyed around with handcuffs, ice-cream, ice cubes, feathers, role-play costumes, molten chocolate and what not! The only thing I hadn’t tried was edible lingerie. The moment I spotted it in the street market, I just knew I had to buy a set. The panty and bra were both made of candy beads. It looked so fragile, and picking it up felt quite awkward. All I kept thinking was what would be my boyfriend’s reaction when he sees this on me for the first time...
Internal edible lingerie The night after buying the set, I flew back to India. My trip to Thailand had been my mini break. I had just quit my job and needed to get my mind off things. The moment I got out of the Mumbai airport, I spotted Sourabh waiting for me with a bouquet of flowers. (The guy does have a knack for making me feel special all the time! *Blush*).  I walked up to him and gave him a warm hug. We drove home and I couldn’t wait to show him how much I missed him. After taking a steamy shower, I told Sourabh that there was a present waiting for him in the bedroom. As soon as he got in, he heard the door lock behind him. Once he turned around, his eyes fell on me. I stood there wearing nothing but my edible lingerie. Before I could begin explaining, he grabbed me by my waist, picked me up and pressed me against the wall. I thought he would find it awkward, but not one bit! Judging by his actions and gestures, it looked as if the boy didn’t want to stop at all. While kissing me on neck, he whispered into my ear that he’d like to ‘make a trip to the candy shop’. As he passionately made his way down south, I couldn’t help but scream with pleasure. I don’t know whether it was the kissing, licking or the touching, but he made my body tingle all over. That night, he wasn't able to take his hands off me or get any sleep at all. I guess we were both on a sugar high. The kind of rush I wouldn’t trade a thing for!
*Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock
Published on Feb 19, 2017
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