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Dear Future Husband, Can Our First Day Of Marriage Be Like This?

Dear Future Husband, Can Our First Day Of Marriage Be Like This?
Dear future husband, I know you’re out there, somewhere, waiting to be found by me. And I’m waiting for you too. But until that day comes, I can only dream about our time together. Time that is yet to come. I think about our marriage, about all those beautiful ceremonies and our first night together. And I also often think about that first day of marriage. The first day in my new home, in a completely new world and the day I start a new life with you as my dear loving husband. Wanna know how I hope my first day of marriage is like? Then why don’t you read on?!

1. Wake me up with a nice, long kiss.

No matter how steamy the night was, an innocent good morning kiss is something I just cannot do without. Just a little peck on the cheeks will make me SO happy. 1 first day of marriage

2. And then let’s lay cuddling for some more time?

It’s our first morning as husband and wife, and I want it to be perfect. Let's lay in the bed cuddling each other and just enjoy the feeling of being together.

3. Breakfast in bed sounds so perfect!

We would’ve had a hectic and late night. Let’s order in some scrumptious breakfast with a hot cup of coffee, and replay all that happened in the last few days. You know I can talk about it forever!

4. A hot water bath… together!

I don’t mean to sound kinky at all. Just a long, lazy bath where I can lather you up while you return the favour. Even the thought of it is just so relaxing. 4 first day of marriage

5. Dressing up like a newlywed.

I never thought I would say this, but I’m so looking forward to dressing up in a stunning outfit from my trousseau, put on some light makeup and jewellery, and look like the pretty newlywed girl. And you better put an effort into your look for the day too!

6. Ready for the fam jam!

I know we’ll have a lot of visitors and maybe a few rituals too. And I just can’t wait to meet and greet and take part in all those fun games with you. But promise me you’ll let me cheat if need be! *Wink*

7. Unwrapping gifts is SO MUCH FUN!

I can picture us sitting on the floor of our room with a hundred gifts scattered around us. And I also see us unwrapping all those gifts and thinking about what to use where. BTW, we end up in playful fight over the bubble wrap! 7 first day of marriage

8. Let’s sneak away for a bit?

Will you sneak me away from all the relatives and friends for a nice long drive? Late at night or some time in the afternoon when everyone's asleep. You know I would love to get away for a bit.

9. A quickie will do good!

It’ll be so hard to keep our hands off each other. And it’ll be so exciting to excuse ourselves to the room to find something when actually all that we want is a bit of action.

10. That look of love

Oh how I see us exchanging those naughty looks all day long. Whether it’s at the dining table during lunch or while all the neighbourhood ladies are trying to chat me up. A slight little wink, a brush of the hands and that look that says, ‘I love you’. 10 first day of marriage All in all, I hope our first day of marriage is full of love, of promise, of happiness and full of smiles.
Love you, Your wife-to-be! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr