Sunday Shorts: 3 *Intense* Tales About Girls Kissing Girls!

Sunday Shorts: 3 *Intense* Tales About Girls Kissing Girls!

1. A Tale Of Two Cities

I had just moved to Mumbai for higher studies after completing my under graduation. That’s when I met her. She was in my class and we quickly became friends, thoroughly enjoying our frequent post-college ‘whine and wine’ sessions. She was a tonne of fun - life with her just felt happier! So much so that I was spending most of my nights at her place instead of my overly expensive room. One night, we were watching a TV show at her house when suddenly, I felt her moving in closer to me and when I turned my face towards her, she swiftly planted a kiss on my lips. I hesitated for a second before I went ahead and kissed her back. It was a tingly feeling, unlike any other kiss I had had, and her soft, manicured hands on my face were strangely turning on. We continued kissing for around a minute before her mother knocked on the door! And suddenly, I was brought back to reality. I had just kissed a girl! In a moment of embarrassment, I told her I needed to head back for some work. That was that. We never talked about it again. Was the kiss amazing? Yes. Did I want to try it again? No. Surprisingly, though, we’re both dating different guys and pretty happy in our lives at the moment. That kiss will probably remain as the much-ignored elephant in the room!
1 kissing a girl

2. A Kiss To Remember!

It was a Friday night and I was out clubbing with my friends. We had all been noticing one girl who sitting at the bar, constantly making eyes at one of the guys in our group. As we were teasing him when she came up to us and said 'Can I buy you a drink?'. And she wasn't asking him... She was asking me! I was initially taken aback and then I said 'Sure, why not?' and walked away with her, as my friends hooted and whistled. We started talking and I found her quite interesting. Half a dozen tequila shots later, as we were standing in the deserted garden, she came close to me and tucked a stray fringe behind my ear. 'I want to kiss you' she said, 'I've wanted to do it all night'. My brain got all fuzzy for a moment because kissing a girl wasn’t something that I usually did! She took my silence as a yes and soon we were making out. I probably didn't exactly realize what was happening but she was SO much better at kissing than any guy I had ever kissed. We kissed for several minutes after which I headed back home. We have never met since, but I can never forget that night.
2 kissing a girl

3. Truth or ...?

Coincidentally, my bestie and I share the same surname. At one of those crazy college parties, someone blurted that it would be really ‘hot’ if the two of us locked lips. At first, we took it as a joke, but we didn't know we'd be put to test at a session of truth and dare. The bottle spun and pointed straight at me. The friend who was about to give that dare, grinned widely and told me I had a choice - the first was to make out with my bestie in front of everyone and the second, was to drink a shot of whiskey mixed with rum and vodka. There was no way I'd drink that nasty poison, so I coyly looked at my bestie and she didn't seem to mind. She got up from her seat, walked over, looked into my eyes and pressed her lips on mine. I've never kissed a girl in my life, and it turned out to be just fine! Everyone had their mouths wide open as the two of us got sucked in the moment. We were at it for 15 seconds before pulling back. The dare hasn't affected us in any way but I do feel a lot more comfortable around her! 3 kissing a girl GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr