Bae’s Having A Bad Day? 11 Ways To Turn His Frown Upside Down!

Bae’s Having A Bad Day? 11 Ways To Turn His Frown Upside Down!
Some days make you go WTF, don’t they? We all have them - bad days when nothing seems to go right. And when bae is having a bad day we are sure you would love to help make it better, right? So, ladies, here are 11 things to do when your guy is having a bad day! These will cheer him right up!

1. Send him food!

Sounds cliche? Well, it works everytime! Send him a nice meal complete with a dessert and it will cheer him right up! Apps like Swiggy and Foodpanda will spoil you for choice! 1 when your guy is having a bad day

2. Meme away his worries

Put your social media accounts to good use. If he is having a stressful day send him cute and funny memes that will make him smile from ear to ear or even guffaw! Instagram has a gazillion accounts filled with awesomeness. Try Garbage Bin on Facebook and 9Gag on Instagram.

3. Welcome him with a fridge stocked with beer!

If he is having a bad day there is nothing he would love to do more than have some beer and possibly rant a little once it's almost over. Lend him an ear while you guzzle down beer with him. 3 when your guy is having a bad day

4. Take him to his happy place

Show up at his doorstep and tell him you are picking him up for a surprise outing. Take him someplace he loves to go and that will de-stress him. It can be a gaming parlour, a club or a movie you think he will love.

5. Or bring his happy place home!

Set up your own sound system at home, hang a disco ball and get grooving! Dance the troubles away! Or if he would prefer watching a movie over dancing, plan a movie marathon of light hearted movies that will make him smile. 5 when your guy is having a bad day

6. Bear hugs all the way!

There is something very comforting and de-stressing about a long, cozy bear hug. Give him a couple of those and throw in a few sloppy kisses and you’re all set!

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7. Coffee and cuddles

Make him a steaming hot cup of coffee or a chilled one if he prefers cold coffee. Add lots of chocolate to it and get some snacks to go along with it. Serve it in bed and follow it up with some kuchi-kuchi-kooo cuddling! Sounds cheesy? Maybe. But he will feel SO much better! Trust us. 7 when your guy is having a bad day

8. Some spa indulgence for him

The perfect way to end a bad day is to just lie down and relax while someone gives you a heavenly massage. Book an appointment at a nearby spa so he can unwind and freshen up! You could also use apps like UrbanClap to request for spa services at home.

9. Video games to the rescue

If your guy is a gaming junkie then set up a video game date in your living room! Video games + pizza + you = a happy him! 9 when your guy is having a bad day

10. Take him for a looong drive!

Let him close his eyes and relax as you drive him, accompanied by some soothing music. He will LOVE this!

11. Just be there and be you

A lot of his stress will evaporate as soon as he sees you. Being with you will make him feel so much better, even if you do nothing but sit in silence as you run your fingers through his hair. *Aww* 11 when your guy is having a bad day GIFs: Giphy