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13 *Intimate* Gestures He Really Wants You To Make For Him!

13 *Intimate* Gestures He Really Wants You To Make For Him!
Your guy might not come up to you and tell you this, but he loves to feel special too. And he doesn't need elaborate plans of gifts to make him feel that way - just some sweet and intimate gestures can do the trick! Here are a few sweet gestures to make for him that he will LOVE!

1. Squeeze his hand when he's feeling nervous

It's a really small gesture that means so much to him. To have you by his side, supporting and believing in him, is just everything.

2. Stare at him unabashedly

With zero shame and when there are other things going on around the both of you… It might make him fluster, but he secretly really enjoys it!
2 gestures to make for him

3. Remember his favourite ice cream flavour

And bring it to him unexpectedly! Who doesn't love ice-cream surprises? He's only human!

4. Kiss him when he says something stupid

Every guy says something slightly stupid once in a while - but instead of ignoring it or pulling his leg about it, just kiss him! He love those kisses because they mean you love and want him at his silliest! 4 gestures to make for him

5. Embarrass him silly on his birthday

Sure, he might be in his mid-20s already, but he still wants you to make a big deal about his birthday. He wants the surprise, he wants the balloons and most of all - he wants you there!

6. Nuzzle into his body when he's cold

It might not make much of a difference and it might only make you feel warmer but he loves it when you do this, girls, honestly! 6 gestures to make for him

7. Send him long, heartfelt messages to wake up to when he's feeling low

When he goes to sleep early because of a bad, tiring day, send him a message full of encouraging words to wake up to. He'll really appreciate your confidence in him!

8. Pamper him like mad when he's sick

He wants you to come see him - even just for 5 minutes - when he's down with the flu! Dote a bit over him and brownie points for bringing yummy chicken soup!
8 gestures to make for him

9. Tease him with cheesy lines

And call him weird and silly names like ‘Jaaneman, jaane jaan’ because you can! And because you loveee him!

10. Ask him out

So what if you're in a relationship? Ask him out on a date anyway! He wants to feel like you're as into him today as you were when you guys met!   10 gestures to make for him

11. Play with his hair when he's in a lazy mood

Not when he's gelled it to perfection! But it's awesome when you run your fingers through his hair while you're both chilling in front of the TV, with no plans of going out.

12. Show your overprotective side

If it's going to rain, drop him a message to carry an umbrella. He might not even need too but he likes to know that you care for him this way! 12 gestures to make for him

13. Remind him that you love him everyday

In as many different ways as you can! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr