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13 Real Struggles Of Spending That *First* Night With Him!

13 Real Struggles Of Spending That *First* Night With Him!
Ladies, if you have ever stayed at your boyfriend’s place then you know what we are talking about. It may not sound like a big deal but it isn’t that easy breezy lemon squeezy… The struggle is very real. Here are 13 struggles every girl goes through when she stays with her boyfriend for the night.

1. Just sooo many butterflies in the stomach!

You can hear your heart beating… Actually it’s practically banging against your chest. 1 stays with her boyfriend

2. Packing and dressing up is a major task

Because you want to look your prettiest, take your sexiest/cutest nightwear and you’re just too excited to concentrate on packing!

3. Bra on or bra off?

Sure, your boobs want some freedom after being in boob jail the whole day. But since it’s not your own place you are confused AF! It’s basically #FreeTheNipple VS #MySexyBraDeservesAnAudience 3 stays with her boyfriend

4. Picking which side of the bed you’re going to sleep on

This is straight up confuzzling! Are you supposed to sleep on a specific side? Or can you pick the one closest to the washroom?

5. Getting used to his washroom is a real struggle!

First off, no guy ever has enough equipment (‘where’s the facewash?’), and second, your hand just keeps reaching for the wrong things! His shaving brush is where your toothbrush ought to be and you simply cannot find the moisturizer. 5 stays with her boyfriend

6. And if you are on your period... It’s a whole other ballgame!

There is just SO much more equipment you need to carry along with you. Also, should you warn him that he needs to keep your favourite meal ready?

7. The need for space!

Because let’s be real, cuddling the whole night is not all that it’s made out to be. Sometimes you just need some space! 7 stays with her boyfriend

8. The I-can’t-fall-asleep-in-a-new-bed syndrome!

Story of our lives, right? Your body starts acting like a stubborn kid who just doesn’t like what it has!

9. The pressure to wake up NOT looking like a cave woman!

All these advertisements where women wake up looking flawless and fairy-like are to be blamed for this. Only you know how many times you have been scared by your own just-out-of-bed reflection in the mirror! 9 stays with her boyfriend

10. The awkwardness of the morning after!

If you are staying at his place, the morning after is bound to feel awkward especially if he has roomies. Your mind starts buzzing with questions such as ‘Should I take the liberty of making coffee?’ and ‘Should I use the bathroom first?’

11. Snoring and roaring

Okay, so if you snore you are worried about how he may react to it. And if he snores and if they turn out to be more like roars… Well, then, goodbye sleep! 11 stays with her boyfriend

12. The what-if-I-have-a-fart-attack anxiety!

Oh the stress! That accidental fart can ruin the whole romantic experience and you don’t want him to think of you as Miss Fart Simpson.

13. The fact that your mom thinks you’re at your besties’ place

Every time your phone rings you have a mini heart attack because all you can think about is ‘What if mom finds out? OMG, did she? What if my brother told on me! OMG we are gonna get caught’. 13 stays with her boyfriend GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr