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This Is Sonam Kapoor’s Fashion Advice To EVERY Indian Bride!

This Is Sonam Kapoor’s Fashion Advice To EVERY Indian Bride!

From rallying for equal pay to her stunning performance in Neerja - 2016 is the year Sonam Kapoor sealed her stardom status. If that wasn’t enough, she managed to slay every single one of her red carpet appearances. It isn’t everyday that you get to speak to the style queen, so you can imagine our excitement as we managed to have a leisurely chat with her about all things fashion! Well, here’s what we can tell you - no matter how many interviews she might’ve given since she first came into the limelight, she hasn’t lost her spunk. We started by discussing how hard it is to carry off an Indian outfit well. Whether it’s styling your dupatta to getting the fitting of your outfit right - we all struggle with Indian wear. She pointed out an interesting way to make sure you slay every look. No, it isn’t about picking the right designer, colour or style - it’s all about how you carry it off! sonam kapoor 2 “You have to be very self-aware, especially when you’re wearing a dupatta and a saree. It makes you more graceful. Basically you have to hold yourself up through your core. I know that sounds weird, but it is what it is! The more graceful you are in Indian clothes - the better.” When asked about the kind of Indian outfit she prefers, her reply was instant and assured, “Sarees! I just look better in them.” Since Sonam Kapoor is most well known for consistently breaking the so-called style rules, the one part of the discussion that surprised us was when she confessed how she prefers an Indian bride to dress up, “I like very traditional Indian brides, I don’t like the new age stuff. I find it very weird. I really really like traditional colours, traditional outfits, traditional jewellery. I really don’t like the weird Indian gowns that they’re wearing these days.” Like we said, she’s still got her spunk. sonam kapoor 1 If you’ve been following her on social media (and who doesn’t?) you’d know that she recently spent some time unwinding on a vacation in Dubai with her younger sister, Rhea Kapoor. The stylish siblings spent time enjoying the sights and more importantly, spent some quality time on a fun shopping spree. She particularly loved their malls, “You get everything in Dubai. It was an incredible shopping experience.” While discussing her shopping, it was hard not to bring up Indian designers. From Manish Arora’s quirky sarees to Sabyasachi’s stunning lehengas, our country is loaded with talent. Sonam’s clear on her priorities,“I LOVE Anamika Khanna. Her designs are amazing and she’s one of my closest friends!” She’s also been clear on picking out fresh, young designers from the crowd and bringing them out in the limelight. On that front, her clear favourites include Masaba, Pero, Raw Mango, and Nimish. When asked about that one piece of advice she’d like to give young girls who love desi fashion, she stuck to her style mantra, “You should stick to traditional clothes,” she says, “A lot of people are trying a lot of different things but I think it’s better to stick to classics. That’s why I prefer Raw Mango and Anamika!” Got it, Sonam! We now know exactly what to wear this wedding season. *This is a Sponsored post for Mirchi Movies India Ltd.
Published on Feb 23, 2017
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